Monday motivation

Where my trust is without borders

The period in our lives,
When pain has become a vibe,
It’s called the days of adversity,
The length of difficulty,

Our faith is shaken,
Our spirit seems broken,
Our heart is shattered,
Our life seems battered,

Our strength is gone,
Our pains is come,
As we wet our pillows,
In the midst of the billows,

It seems we’ve gotten to the end of it all,
It seems life is spilling us out,
And our life is tearing apart,

At the end of the tunnel, there is a light, they say,
But where is the light? We asked ourselves,
We can’t even see a tint of a light
Neither is there any shades of a green light,

Life makes no sense again,
Absolutely nothing to gain,
And all seems to be vain,
But then, there is a name.

An excellent name called Jesus,
A powerful name to call on in times like these,
A God to trust and trust,
And put our wholesome trust,
A trust without restrictions,
And a trust without borders


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀