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Where my love is without borders

Sequel to: Where my trust is without borders

I can’t just see the benefits of loving and serving God all this while…. Kike said crying uncontrollably.

Imagine! They say He is a living God, but why would He allow the cold hands of death take my mother away, just because of a slight illness.

“Kike please don’t say anything, everything will be fine, God is still Faithful”… Kemi said trying to sympathize with her.

Faithful? Did you just mention faithful?

Okay, He is faithful right? But Why did he hide his faithfulness from me? Why did He take away my only source of Joy? Why did He hide his faithfulness from Mama.

Fine, if I’m not worthy of his faithfulness, what about Mama?

Remember how Mama serve God, remember how Mama love God, remember how Mama preach the gospel, how she donates to motherless baby home, her love for children…

Why would He reward her labour of service with death Kemi?

Kemi why? Kike lamented punching herself hard as she allow those tears flow freely down her cheek.

Kemi, I can’t do this anymore, I can’t serve God anymore? He is not worth serving

So…my conclusion is that, God is not faithful. He is not good, He is unkind,He is not compassionate kemi…. Bitter tears flow from her eyes as she rest her head on her mother’s chest.

Kike please stop talking that way, kemi  said squeezing her hand into hers, tears trickled down her cheek.

God is not unjust! God is not unfaithful! Remember your 200L when you had to pay for the tuition fee and no source of paying the money, didn’t God show up three days to the deadline for payment?, remember when everybody in your department had carry over and God exempted you.

Remember when you had accident on your way to Jos, everybody in the car died. But only you sustained minor injury, you lived!

Remember the story you told me about your childhood, when you drank liquid soap thinking it was juice…. Kike,is God not faithful?

Kemi am sorry, I shouldn’t have said all what I’ve said. Kemi, I am ungrateful… God is faithful to me, Kike cried.

God am sorry, am sorry for saying bad things to you, you are so faithful to Me, you are so awesome to me! I’m ungrateful Lord! Am sorry! Kike cried the more. By now, she is on the ground rolling and worshipping God.

Kemi joined her and together they sang, great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning, new mercies I see, all I’ve needed thy hands have provided, great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me..

Kike! It seems Mama moved her hands just now, Kemi who was still sitting beside Mama said.

Kike jumped up from the floor, as she saw Mama’s eyes wide opened, Mama, you are alive, thank God ooo…

Kemi please call the doctor,, Kike said in enthusiasm…

No…..Kemi come back, my time is up here, just a message for you my daughters…

Mama what are you saying now, you are back, you are going nowhere, God is faithful, he has answered my prayers.

Yes, He is faithful my daughter and that is the message I have for you, that, in every situation, have a grateful culture in you” Mama said and gave up the ghost.


My question to me and you, why do you love God?

Sincerely, you might not able to answer that question genuinely


God is calling us back to loving Him unconditionally, a deeper realm of love. Where we love Him not for the daily provisions, not for the daily benefits and advantage, but because there is no reason to the love we have for Him, there is no condition to the love we have for him.

I pray that the Holy Spirit lead us to the place where our love for God is without borders, beyond conditions and beyond restrictions.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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