When the going gets tough

It’s no more a new quote that when the going get though, the tough get going. But I think the quote is incomplete without God as a factor that makes the tough get going.

So, a rebrand of the quote will be “when the going gets though, the tough in Christ get going.

Many times we face difficult situations in life and it seems we have come to the end of it all.

Many times the life we want to live is a direct contrast to the life we are living. But the race is not for the Swift neither is the race for the strong but the race is for those who God grant mercy.

So, the tough does not necessarily mean how strong you are. Sometimes, you might be strong but it is not strength you need to fight that situation, you need something greater than strength called wisdom.

Sometimes, our strength may fail us as humans. We need a greater factor in our life to keep us going when it get tough.

We are limited when we are tough without Christ. Our strength is nothing without Christ.

So, we need God to keep us going when the affairs of our life seems tough and we have no one to look up to

There is always a saviour who is ready to carry our burdens for us.

“When the going get tough, only the tough in Christ get going.”

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