What if the things we wish for doesn’t come our way?

What about saying "hello" to those who offended you

Question of the day: what if the things we wish for doesn’t come our way?


“Hi”…. I greeted smiling, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hello”….Frank answered with a shrug, giving me a cold stare that clearly speaks, ”do I know you?”

“Really?” I thought.

“Why is the reply so cold”… I inched over my thoughts.

“Hello”…. I said again waving, revealing my upper and lower teeth.

But the stare i got this time was not just cold but it swept me off balance.


I was scrolling through my phone that cool evening when I suddenly bumped into his picture on Instagram.

“Wow!” I exclaimed

“He is so cute!!!” I said smiling.

Out of my curiousity, I did not hesitate to dive into his page,

“Desmond Frank …”,

Wow! Nice name! I said scrolling down his page.

He is a musician! I think I love singers, I love to sing.. I said fantasizing.

And not just a singer, a gospel singer. I think… I think … I think…

I kept on thinking, wishing he would be the “one”.

“Faith without works is dead”….that verse of the scripture struck my skull.

So, I quickly messaged him,

“Hi cutie”… I said out of my desires and wishes, probably “desperation”

Celebrities are always busy… I thought when I didn’t hear anything from him after three days.

So, I sent another “hi”, and another “hi”, and countless number of “hi”. But, it was all futile.

I lived in my imaginations that he will reply my message for months but he didn’t.

But the amazing part is the fact that I did not get over it until the day I saw that flier online.

Guest minister: Desmond Frank

I was thrilled, I can’t remember how high I jumped showing my excitement.

Wow! At last! My joy knew no bounds when I saw the venue. Not quite far from my street.

“God is good!” I said smiling.

I gave my face a nice treat as I prepare for the program that evening, living in my world of fantasy of how radiant his smile would be.

No doubt I was hypnotized by the feelings.


“I’m sorry”…. I said trying to recover from the cold stare.


What do I really need in the man I want to marry? I asked myself as I sat on the couch.



Sometimes, we do not know what we need and the things we wish for are not even the things best for us.

If what you wish for doesn’t come your way, believe it is not meant for you.. God has a greater plan for you.

For my thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways higher than your ways, saith the Lord ( Is 55:8kjv)

The man you wish to marry may be a good man, but he might not be the right man for you.

Note this: Two good people does not make a right but two right people can never make a wrong.

God is not through with you yet, because, he is working out things for your good.

For my thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end.(Jeremiah 29:11kjv)

 Antidote to fulfilled wishes and desire: Trust in the Lord

The things that are yours will come to your life, even when it does not seem coming…. Just trust in the Lord

Ps 37:5- Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thing heart.

Your desires and your wish, if they are what is best for you, will come your way

Be willing to sacrifice for the good life you wish for

You wish for a good life, right? Are you willing to pay the price?

I wish to be this, I wish to be that, but then, this wish will keep being a wish until the day you take action, until you take a risk that will push you from where you are.

It is good to wish for something good, but it is relevant to wish for something best.

work towards your dream, so that the dreams, wishes and aspiration will not forever be a wish.

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