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It’s another episodeof Thursday reflection titled What are you actually feeding on?

So can we pray before we start?

Daddy we thank you, we thank you for all you’ve done, for what you are doing and for the things you will do.

Open our eyes of understanding and make us see what you have in store for us in Jesus name

So I watched a movie titled “THE TRAIN”, the trending mount Zion movie… The movie taught me a great lesson.

And one of the lesson learnt is seeking God and putting God first in all things.

So the question comes to my mind, what am I feeding on?

As food nourishes or damages the body system, so the movie we watch or the books we read nourishes or damages us.

What are you feeding on?

Are you feeding on things that nourishes your soul or things damage your soul

Garbage in, garbage out, the books you read and the movie you watch somehow reflects in your way of living. Take time to watch godly movies, it does something to you.

Take time to read the Bible, it does something to your spirit, soul and body.

Take time to reflect on God’s word.

And like the parable of the sower in Luke 8, is the word of God dwelling in you richly, is the word of God falling on a good ground bearing fruit..

Take time to reflect on the word of God. I pray God bless us even as we reflect on his word.

Take time to reflect on your life today, is your life a reflection of God’s word?

Is your thoughts a reflection of God’s grace?

Even as we reflect on God’s word, let check through our life if we are still in alignment with him.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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