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The few things matters, what are things you are grateful for? Jot them down

I was checking through my notes yesterday and I came across something that actually made me smile… I could not help but blush.

Titled, “what are the five strength, abilities and talents I am grateful for in my life”.

What actually made me smile was what I wrote among the “physical abilities”.

I won’t share everything I wrote but the particular thing that made me smile was the fourth and the fifth abilities. “My tiny waist” and “my cute nose..

Funny right?? Yeah, I actually found it funny that I cannot help but laugh. But then, it actually taught me a lesson.

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It’s been over many months I write them but I can still check through and read( that is the power of documentation), still giving me the same joy I had when I wrote it.

It might actually be minute but let’s cultivate the habit of thanking God for it. Thank God for your uniqueness, thank God for being you

Thank God for everyone present in your life. Everyone is a blessing in disguise.

Appreciate the little success, celebrate it by giving God a good worship. Document every good thing in your life on paper, because it will give you every reason to smile the next time you read it.

Document your visions and purpose on paper.


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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