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What about saying ‘hello’ to those who offended you

What about saying hello to those who offend us


Okay, sometimes, people offend us right? They say annoying things and do annoying things that might piss us off and then,we back out or back off.

We stop talking to them because what they did to us almost made us shed tears. We trusted them but they took advantage of the trust we had in them. Then, making us feel used.

We call them friends, or they came into our life out of the blues, but, the blueprint of the offence remains a scar in our heart.

On the long run, they realize themselves, they came back, bending at your feet, sending you messages but you ignored it. (can you relate?).

Probably, they do not even realize themselves and your thoughts is clouded in the mystery if they really have a heart.( Yes! They have).

You can just give an excuse for them, stating, “probably he/she is cool with it”.


Sending an “hello” will do no harm right? Some people will even say, ‘what she did to me is beyond me settling this matter on earth, till we get to heaven before I settle…



Just a question for you, how many times have you offended God in your lifetime? Uncountable, right?

So, what about letting go of the grudge. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us(can you remember this part of the Lord’s prayer)

Our life is to represent Christ. Living like him is what makes us a Christian.

God forgives! Christ forgives! Therefore, you must forgive. Don’t wait to see the gate of heaven before you forgive him/her( then! It might be too late).

So. Don’t you think saying “hello” to that person will be a great idea or what do you think?

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Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀