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Life they say, is not a bed of roses but can I just experience a tint of its rose(sobs), or can I just experience a bit of its favour? Will life ever stop throwing stones in tantrums at me?? Why is pain the order of the day in my life? Why am I not born into a perfect family??? Why? I asked rhetorically( sighs)……

I moved in with Aunty Tina some weeks after but it’s so amazing how my nice and lovely Aunty Tina turned to be a thorn in my flesh…Aunty Tina is married to a young and handsome man , Mr Desmond, “something I like about Mr Desmond is his cute face and his stature(winks)….. (lovers, don’t start thinking of something else(smiles), I admire Mr Desmond,not because of any emotional attachment but because he has the same stature with my dad(hmmm)… The couple are really a perfect match and I seem to love the way they relate but the painful part of their story is that, they don’t have a child of their own, i was so sad for them and so, I promised myself to be the best I can, to be a child to them and to love them but little did I know that misery and contempt looms ahead.

Misery is an understatement to describe the life I lived in Aunty Tina’s house, life became dark and dreary…. I stopped school when I got to SS1(sobs) and started Hawking plantain chips on the street of Lagos, running after vehicles to sell goods for passengers….., I did all I could but my best is still like a piece of rag…. Living was like hell for me but I was determined to succeed against all odds .. The last straw that broke the camel’s back which made me to abscond was the day My Aunt’s husband took advantage of my innocence, deflowered me and took away my dignity and pride, I felt like a living corpse after the incidence and the shame of living with my sister coupled with the fear of being abused sexually again drove me out of her house….

I left my Aunty’s house that fateful afternoon, the sun scorchingly hot, with my sack bag that is not different from a refuse bag hanging on my weak and feeble shoulder, with my bathroom slippers and my tattered skirt and hair, I walked on the street of Lagos like a crazy being, I felt like a living corpse as I walked to “God knows where”.. it was 7:30pm, still roaming about the street of Lagos, looking for a place to lay my head and then start a new life the next day… Not quiet long, I found a place to lay my head and within a twinkle of an eye, I drifted into sleep.
It was a gun-shot that woke me around 2:00am, bringing me back to reality, fear enveloped me and in no time, I begin to regret my action of absconding, but who will not abscond after all I’ve gone through…. I can’t bear the trauma anymore, I said to myself… You! I heard a voice, bringing me back from “cloud nine”, I felt the ground would open and swallow me, with the bright touch shining at my face..
What are you doing here? He asked aggressively
Nothing sir, I don’t have a place to lay my head so I decided to sleep here till daybreak…. I said
The policeman looked at me with pity and later took me to his house and that was how my story changed, Sergeant Davidson is one of the top officials in the police force, married to a beautiful lady with two kids…. They took me in and suddenly, I became a changed person, I narrated my story to Sergeant Davidson and he promised to sponsor my education, I felt so happy and elated and I felt a green light shining on my path to becoming a well renowned lawyer, an author, a counsellor and a philanthropist.
I gained admission to study law in the university of California, I tried my best to be the best student and break the mindset of the Californians that they are better than the blacks, and that was my main goal, studying hard to keep maintaining the track, to make my parents happy whenever they look down from heaven and to repay “my Angel”, “my benefactor”…
I graduated as the best student in the department and also as the best student in the university for the session, I was given scholarship to further my education in law in the university of Beinjing in China, i graduated as the best student in the university and became a barrister and then later became an attorney…..then, I relocated to the United States to establish my chamber
I helped Sergeant Davidson’s family to relocate to the United States and then, we lived as a big family. Years later, I got married to Johnson, the man who has captured my heart. I became a well renowned lawyer in the United state, the best selling author and also a philanthropist as the years goes by. (The end).

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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