“In life, you may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you let it affects you. That is the quote that summarizes my story……….., I chose to be happy despite the tonnes of sorrow and bitterness life threw at me, I decided to live despite the pains and agony I went through, thoughts of committing suicide became an everyday issue for me which led to the Psychological problem I ha for months, all thanks to God who revived my sanity.

Pardon my rude manners, I forgot to introduce myself at the beginning of the story, my name is Venita James, I hail from the Eastern part of the country, ” Imo state”… My sad story begins from childbirth, I lost my mother during the course of her giving birth to me and according to story from relatives, she had fibroid during the pregnancy period and due to lack of money, they couldn’t operate her during the period and which led to her death due to excessive bleeding during childbirth.

I grew up under the care of my loving father, he loved me and care for me as a father. My father played the role of a father as well as the role of a mother, my father never made me feel that I have no mother, he did my assignment for me, I could remember vividly how my father played with me on the bed throwing pillows at me, the early morning jogs every Saturday morning is a memory that remains green in my heart. Truly, good memories last forever in one’s heart…. my father is my world, my everything not until death unleashes its cold hands on my father.

The sound of the closing bell is something that gives me joy in school, I feel happy whenever it’s 3:00pm, because of the eagerness of seeing my father, with my school bag and my launch bag in my hand, I would run downstairs immediately the teacher leaves the classroom… my father had never been one minute late, he is always outside waiting patiently in his car for his daughter. But, that day was different, I hurried outside as usual but couldn’t find my father… I waited patiently and after two hours of waiting, hoping to see a black Jeep drive into the school, I had to trek home because I have exhausted the money my dad gave me, our house is a bit far from my school but I don’t have any choice because I was the only one left in the school, I got home very tired and exhausted.

I sensed all is not well from the response of the gateman when I greeted him but I thought it was due to mood swings so I didn’t bother because he’s a clown… I got into the sitting room to meet my uncles and Aunts, my granny and some faces I can’t recognize, all seated wearing a sad look.

“Good afternoon Aunty Tina, I greeted as I ran to hug her .. “good afternoon granny”… I greeted and ran to hug her too… What’s happening here? I asked, directing my question to no one in particular as I walked to the freezer to take bottled water to cool my thirst.’ Poor girl’… I heard one of them say as I gulped the content in the bottle.
Aunty Tina, “have you seen Daddy?” I asked innocently.

No, he… he…he went to get… Uncle Seun stammered and Aunty tina replied he’s not yet back from work almost immediately smiling …… Why are they contradicting themselves??? I thought within me… “Exactly, he’s not yet back from work” and we’ve called him, he said he has to get something for his baby… Uncle Seun continued… The aura in the sitting room is something I can’t just explain, I felt everything is not fine, the atmosphere is tense, I walked to the television set and I turned back to look at their faces, I was shocked at what I saw, tears trickling down their cheek like a one-year-old baby being flogged, I ran to meet Aunty Tina whose eyes was sore red, “what happen?” Can’t you explain? I screamed, shaking her, where is my dad??? I screamed, by now, Uncle Seun was trying to hold me but they couldn’t… Can’t you talk??? ‘I shouted at her”

“Daddy is dead”… She dropped the bombshell… You are joking, I said to her, laughing hysterically, you must be joking, my dad is not dead, it is your own dad that will die, “my father shall not die but live to fulfill God’s purpose for his life”… I said repeating these words, and pacing up and down.

Venitta, “daddy ti Ku’… Uncle Seun said bluntly, he died this morning on his way to the office….. he continued
I screamed and shouted, ” plz, tell me it’s not true”.. uncontrollable tears trickled down my cheeks as I roll from one end to another, Uncle Seun trying to hold me but the punch I gave him on his lips throw him off balance, I cried to the extent that I couldn’t cry again, my strength failed me and all I kept on saying was, “Daddy, where are you, you promise me you won’t leave?”… Daddy, why are you not home? Your baby is missing you, she is missing your passionate hug, as I kept on talking, my granny came to touch me by the shoulder but things went haywire………..
According to the story Aunty Tina later told me, I got aggressive and started punching Grandma to leave me alone, and then, everybody left me alone that night …


Three days after, I woke up to see myself lying on a hospital bed, It was a private Ward and I was the only one in there, I wondered how I got into a hospital, the only thing I remembered was that I have a father.
Daddy, I called managing to stand up, where is my daddy? I asked one of the nurses.

He’s fine, Don’t worry… She said

Okay’… I answered

Some hours later, someone entered the ward… Venitta, thank God you are fine now”… She said beaming with a smile…Plz, who are you? I don’t know you and besides, which name did you just call me now? I am not venitta oo, my name is ………. Is…… See, leave me alone… I said to her…Venitta, this is me, Aunty Tina, your lovely Aunty Tina… I said I don’t know you, I shouted…


Two weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital and I went home with Aunty Tina who narrated everything that happened to me, she keeps reminding me of everything that has happened in my past life, my school friend’s picture and some other things…I regained my memory two months later and that was when reality dawned on me that my father is gone, gone to the land of the dead, gone forever… Fears of what the future holds for me gripped my heart, how can I live without my “love”…who will give me that passionate hug??? Don’t worry, you will be fine, Aunty Tina said with compassion but little did I know that “blood is thicker than water”


To be Continued

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