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I opened my eyes to find myself lying helplessly on an hospital bed, my entire life has been jeopardize, woes of self pity corrodes me as I looked through the room, everything is quite okay about the room except for the Television that is not different from the typical Lord Lugard’s Television ……..

Poor girl, one of the nurse said shaking her head like an Agama lizard…..i can’t really fathom what she’s saying but her gesture describes it all( everything is not fine)…..Some minutes later, The doctor walked into the room with his big file and his glasses hanging on the tip of his nose, but what really amused me about him was his protruding stomach, It was like a calabash covered with cloth(smiles)…..seriously! One would think he is pregnant….. Shifting my eyes from his stomach, I gave a wry smile…….

Miss Sandra, from the test conducted, it is revealed that you are HIV positive and have secured a womb damage due to some complications that occur during the incident…. The doctor dropped the bombshell, it was like a dream, probably a trance or an illusion…. Pinching myself to be very sure of my ears, the harder I pinch, the more it appears more real ….. the news got the weakest part of me as i felt cold shivers run down my spine, it was like a mighty wind, I felt like urinating and excreting simultaneouly, how could this happen to me??? How??

No!!!! I shouted as I cried bitterly, tears trickled down my cheek….. I had betray myself just because of my friend, I cherished the relationship more than anything in the world, she is the best thing that happened to me, I had boldly yell at my mum who never liked her from day 1 but she has shattered my life, she has left me with no hope, how am I even going to live with this?


Casey and I had been friends right from high school, I had grew very fond of her and has been part of my life and the trend continues till University….. Casey has been the best thing that happened to me and I’ve always try my best to keep our friendship but I never knew Casey is a green snake under green grass, what really got me attracted to my friend was her classic attitude, she wears the latest attire and she is always in vogue, despite these she is very intelligent and brilliant…. You understand how it feels to befriend the most classic and brilliant girl in the faculty, that was how I normally feels whenever I’m with her, she had told me how rich and wealthy her parents is and without any shadow of doubt, I believed her due to her lifestyle… I’ve looked forward to seeing her parent, and On that fateful afternoon after lecture, we set out to Lagos where her parents reside, the house was far cry from what I expected, it was a cottage with a very small window but well furnished …….I sat down sheepishly on the Sofa looking like a prey, obviously, I am…. Some minutes later, some huge men emerge from the livingroom, my friend was telling them something I couldn’t fathom..Within a twinkle of an eye, they grabbed me, deflowered me by taking an advantage of my innocence , I was unconscious as all the strengths in me had gone and then woke up to find myself in an hospital, how I got there still remain a mystery in my memory.


I’m left to face my own life, how do I cope with this? How? How can I live with this deadly disease, how can I live with the trauma of a damaged womb? ….How can I forgive my evil friend? How? To err is human and to forgive is divine they say, but even if I forgive, how will I ever get over this?

Lesson: not all that glitters are gold….be very sensitive and careful in your choice of friends…


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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