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Thursday reflection: beauty for ashes

Beauty for ashes Reflecting the glory of God

Hello.. good day, welcome to another episode of Thursday reflection titled beauty for ashes

For those joining us for the first time in Thursday reflection,

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Thursday reflection is about Reflecting on the Word, checking ourselves in the mirror of God’s word.

Our last Reflective Thursday talk about deriving pleasure in God’s presence, the joy without borders in his presence.

As usual,can we pray before we start?

Father we appreciate you for your word, we thank you because you have never leave us nor forsaken us…

Daddy we pray that you give us insight.. give us illumination of your word.

Thank you for the answered prayer in Jesus name ( Amen).

First and foremost,what do we know by beauty

Beauty is the quality of being attractive, pleasing, fine, good looking, and radiating.

But I define beauty as when you radiates the glory of God, beauty is when you reflect God.

Beauty makes you attractive to be favoured, beauty makes you attractive to your helpers,

that’s the kind of beauty, beauty of God which radiate his glory

Beauty makes you different from others.

Hello readers, We are in the world but we are not of the world.. that’s because of the beauty of God radiating in our lives

Our text today is Isaiah 61 vs 3.

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, that he might be glorified

Beauty for ashes, what does ashes necessarily mean?

Ashes means dirt, something that is not useful, something that has no worth.

Okay, let’s look at it from this perspective.

An ash is produced when something that is valuable ( or sometimes not valuable) lost its worth.

An ash does not reflect glory because it has no worth, it has no value

So, God is promising us beauty for ashes, that we may be glorified

That we may reflect his glory, that we start radiating the glory of God, that we start represent the splendor of his Majesty

It’s the only beauty that cannot fade, God’s beauty is the only beauty that does not ware out.

Beyond natural beauty, we need God’s beauty. We need his beauty!!!!

The beauty of God appears as his presence, his shekinah glory, the splendor of his Majesty, His favour and His grace,

The beauty of God also appears as salvation, the salvation of our soul..

Let’s forget our natural beauty and seek for God’s beauty…

Things that does not show God in our life, that does not reflect the glory of God in us, that still magnify “self” in us are Ashes. Sins are ashes.

Allow God take away those ashes, allow him to beautify you with beauty.

Make up can add to our natural beauty, it will never give us God’s beauty.

So, let’s seek God for the beauty that never fades, the beauty that compels men to favour us, the beauty that will earn us eternal life in his kingdom

Let’s pray.

Lord, anything in me that is still reflecting ashes in me, Lord, replace it with your beauty in Jesus name(Amen)

So, we’ve come to the end of today’s Reflective Thursday. . hope you are blessed…

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