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What is the essence of living?I thought aloud….life has thrown stones in tantrums at me, life has not been fair, so what is the essence of living? Failure and challenges has been the driving force of my life, most of my mates is married while some are doing their PhD while I’m still struggling to pass a course for the past four years…I’m done with school and I’m done with life.. I said silently with a strong determination of Poisoning myself, probably, I’m not destined to succeed.. I muttered silently as tears flow down my cheeks

Memories of my past failure filled my mind as I walked down to my hostel with feelings of pain, rejection and dejection but my eyes caught a glimpse of the inscription on a bill board that reads “when the false self says no, the true self will say yes” and that change my orientation.  THE END.

Sometimes it seems we cannot make it, the road seems rough, life seems dark and dreary, challenges seems to be the order of the day and to crown it all, we feel like giving up, we want to quit our dreams because we are not seeing any green light. Honestly, it’s easier said than done not to feel pains but worry will never change matters neither will quitting but when our false self says WE CANNOT, we should learn to say I CAN

The true self is the core of who you are, the original you, unshaped by upbringing or society. This is the natural state,it is the natural state of birth while false self is the adapted self

The loudest voice of your false self should not dominate the thinnest voice of the true self, your false self is the artificial self, therefore it adapt to circumstances and situation that might comes one’s way and always willing to dance to the tune, the true self is who you are.

five things to do when the false self says NO

  1. Look into the mirror and repeatedly speak, “I can”: Declare this from the depth of your heart, call your name and speak to your reflection that “you can make it”. Consistent declaration of words brings manifestation either good or bad, silence the incessant urge to give up by speak to great words to yourself.
  2. Believe challenges and failure is not the end of life: challenges are meant to stretch us and make us tough. There is no real success without challenges.
  3. Love yourself: appreciate yourself irrespective of your flaws, no one is perfect, love your imperfections, fall in love with your personality, don’t wish to be anyone, you will never be anyone no matter how hard you strife.
  4. Believe in yourself: stop waiting for people to believe in your dreams, strongly believe in your dream.. don’t allow people’s opinion to define and control your destiny, you are uniquely made with potentials, dream big, and believe God can help you achieve your dreams.
  5. Seek advice: no one is an island of knowledge, what you think you know, someone else knows it better, seek advice

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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