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Sometimes we count little things as nothing and we rob and deprive ourselves of the benefit of little things

I’ve been having issues with posting on my blog for sometimes now, I don’t really know what caused it so I don’t know how to tackle it so

But just yesterday, I was about to post and the same issue persisted, I was not able to upload my post after furnishing the article.

I was like, no, not again, then I don’t actually know what prompted me to pray, I started praying in my mind, I started asking God the help me solve the issue and just then, I pressed the upload button and it clicked.

What has stagnated all this while clicked .. I was so happy like a person who just won a visa lottery.

So, this really taught me a great lesson, no matter is too little to pray about, the little things also matter in the place of prayer.

It is not until you have a big problem before you remember there is God somewhere.

Pray concerning the little issue bothering your mind. Pray and pray alway.

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Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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