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The life we are called to live is a life of peace in Christ


“Mummy, you won’t believe what happened today.” Divine said as she entered the room.

“What could have happen that made you forget your manners of greeting…” Her mom said smiling, showing gesture that fully speaks of her rapt attention.

“Ah ah ah…. Mummy, am sorry now… It’s just that, I was so eager to tell you about my day”.. Divine said smiling rubbing her mom’s shoulder.

“Okay, I have heard you, what about your day?”

“I had my first date with Dan”. Divine said

“Are you serious?” Her mum said looking straight into her eyes.

“Yes ma’am…” She said feeling guilty.

“Okay, so what happen?”

“Nothing much, just that he kissed me and ever since then, I have not been happy with myself, I felt I should not be doing that as a Christian and I have lost my peace of mind.

So, I cannot just help but run home to tell you”… Divine explained looking down, trying to avoid the gaze of her mother.

“Hmmm”.. her mother heaved heavily.

“Look up”… She said to her

“No mummy, I have disappointed you, I don’t want to look at your face….” Divine said, tears already welling up in her eyes.

“Go to your room and carry your Amplified Bible”

“Okay mummy”

Divine got back to the sitting room in a jivi and sat beside her mum whose gaze is fixed to her Bible.

Open to Colossians chapter 3 verse fifteen and read it.

“Let the peace of Christ [the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him] be the controlling factor in your hearts [deciding and settling questions that arise]. To this peace indeed you were called as members in one body [of believers]. And be thankful [to God always].

“The peace of God should be the controlling factor in your life, I know something must have pricked your heart(inner man) before you engaged in the act but you ignored it”

“Yes mum, I had a feeling that what I was about doing is wrong but my feelings got the best of me.”

“Hmm…. I understand you and that is why you don’t need to be in a relationship now, you are just fifteen and I think the only relationship you should be is with Jesus.”

“That is the best relationship you can have right now.”

Hmm…. “Mummy, thank you, Divine said smiling, I will tell him as soon as I get to school tomorrow that I am no longer interested in the relationship”

“That’s great”… So, can you pray and ask God to forgive you and rededicate your life to Jesus.


Let the peace of God be the governing factor in your life, that is the life we are called to live as Christians. Let the peace of God rule your spirit, soul and body and let your life turn to episode of signs and wonders because you will never go the wrong way.

Monday motivation: let the peace of God be the controlling factor in your life this week and beyond.

Don’t venture into things that will rip you off of your peace.

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