Stella couldn’t stop imagining how her life would be if she is born a princess, she can’t just stop imagining how her life would have been if she was born into a royal family…

She had admired princesses in the past, their attire, physique, beauty, complexion, their dispositions and the way they speak is always something that always create some kind of sensation in her.

She had lived all her life admiring and wishing to be a princess but it seems to be a wish that can never come through.

Looking at her real and present life is something contrary to the life she’s imagining but yet, she can’t just stop imagining.

Is this seeming to be an obsession? She thought within herself after one of her wildest imaginations. Is this something that would happen or it’s just mere imaginations that can never come through…….she thought aloud as her imaginations keep appearing more real to her day after day.

Months later, she felt her life changing as her timid self is becoming more confident, even her talks and speech reflects boldness and confidence, giving more attention to her skin, her outfits and her dispositions., she started living the feeling she imagined.

Live the life you imagined, even if your present state seems to be contrary to your imaginations, your wildest dreams and imaginations will turn to a reality someday.

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