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Sitting down on a couch with my legs crossed, my head bent and my right palm resting on my chin, I ruminate about my past life with him, how I met the man who had suddenly become a thorn in my flesh.

I walked down the aisle with Tyler Davidson some months ago with all enthusiasm, I joyfully said “I do” with my joyful perception of what the future holds for me with him but little did I know that, I was mistaken and ruled with my own emotions. I could feel the love and union as the pastor pronounced us “husband and wife “… I could see my future in him, trusting him to help me fulfill my life’s purpose but my imaginations were mere fables as my perception and imaginations were denied few months into our marriage.

Prior to our engagement is a loving and caring Davidson… Handsome is an understatement to describe Davidson as he is a guy every lady would dream of having, though I had always admired him but I fell love with him that fateful afternoon I bumped into him while rushing to attend a lecture, I was thrilled by his charisma and disposition and that was what got me attracted… It’s so amazing how I fell in love with Davidson easily, and without much ado, I accepted his proposal without knowing I was barking up the wrong tree, I allowed my emotions to surpass my sense of reasoning and I didn’t see reasons to be divinely directed, I didn’t seek for directions from my father who knows the end from the beginning, I succumb to my own will alone.

I walked into my matrimonial home with love, joy and affection as I felt my big dreams and vision as a reality but my new found joy turned sour some months later when Davidson turned to a thorn in my flesh, I was treated like a piece of rag and I felt my dignity and worth go down the drain, the Davidson I knew turned to be a stranger as the days goes by, it was then reality dawned on me, my husband is a white sepulchre, Davidson took advantage of me and I felt used and dumped, my love for him deteriorate when he stopped caring and loving me, it’s too late for me to retrace my step…. I wish I didn’t say yes, I wish I didnt allow my emotions to rule me….if wishes were horses, I would ride in my wish but it’s too late for me.

Note : Make sure God is leading you and not your own will, take your time well, it’s never too early and it’s never too late…. Don’t rush into marriage that will rush the hell out of you.

Tips before going into a relationship

• discover your purpose in life, your purpose determines who is going with you.

• seek for divine direction from God

• dont be too overwhelmed by your emotions, your perception might be wrong.

• know where your partner is going, his vision, dream and aspirations.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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