Being unique is the ability of a person to be rare, unusual, special and distinctive from others.

My slogan over the years has been “uniquely made with potentials” of which I’ve fallen in love with because I know I am unique, special and dynamic.

We are all uniquely made with potentials because we all have our uniqueness and peculiarity.

The good news about our creation is that we do not just have gifts and potential in us, but there is something unique about the gift and potential, we are uniquely made with potential because there is something in me that differentiate me from you and something in you that differentiate you from the whole world.

Sometimes we feel we are alone, and not following the trend, hence, the urge to follow protocols feel our mind at the expense of the great and amazing idea striking our mind at the moment. Why??? Because we are afraid of walking on that path alone, we are afraid of failure and disappointment, we are afraid of being criticized, thereby destroying and silencing the great idea with our mediocrity.

It’s not just enough to discover your gift and talent but discover the uniqueness in it, what makes your gift unique and different from other people, what is the value behind your gift, what impact will it make on people, what is that rare thing behind your gift.

when you discover the uniqueness in your gift, it makes you:

  • Discover your worth and impact
  • discover your purpose in life
  • discover your value to the whole world and
  • discover the extra in your ordinary self( extraordinary).

As good as it is to have mentors and follow people with like minded, discover your peculiarities and pray for anointing on the gift. David had the anointing on his gift which made him do exploit, there is something about his gift that made the spirit of devil depart from Saul when he played the harp( in 1 Sam 16:23), it is the anointing. It’s not just about playing that harp, there is something more to it and that is the anointing on his gift.


  1. Uniqueness is a talent on its own I tell you; you might be good at something but if you cannot understand how to stay true to yourself; I believe failure starts from there. Thank you for sharing this to us. I pray our lives remain impactful.Amen

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