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Have you ever made some mistakes in life and feel like throwing up or you feel like rewinding the hands of clock and sometimes due to our emotions, fear of the unknown gripped our heart and we become entangled to the pains it caused us.

We’ve chosen the wrong path in the past probably due to our indifference or ignorance but then, we refuse to rise above it, and we get so emotional about our mistake and live in regret for the rest of our life but there is something amazing about making mistakes ( you like to know, right?)… Let’s divert to the two things mistake can cause in a man.

1. Mistake can make you and

2. It can Mar you

When your mistake Mar you is when you sits back and get emotional about your mistake, you feel pained and dejected anytime you think about it and which can make you live in regret for the rest of your life or lower your self esteem, your mistake Mar you when you get entangled to the pains it has caused you or when you refuse to learn from the mistake thereby making the mistake an habit because you keep making that mistake over and over again.

Back to the amazing part of mistakes is when you allow your mistake to make you, mistakes is defined as:

M- making

I- important

S- steps

T- to

A- activate

K- knowledge and

E- experience

Mistakes are gift that we should learn from, and that’s why God does not make us perfect because he wants us to grow and learn from our imperfections…..mistakes makes one wiser, knowledgeable and experienced, so never be entangled with the pains it might have caused you or feel bad, it won’t help matters either, therefore, admit you’ve made that mistake, brace up and learn from it.


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀