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Scrolling through the media has given me heartbreak and weaken my soul and body, seeing lifeless lives on the streets.

The streets has become rivers of flowing blood..

This pain my heart 😥 but we will not just remain sober only, we will not just be emotional…We will pray 🙏 and God will hear us…..

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem… For they that love her shall prosper…(ps 122:6)

Let us rise as a body and not as a denomination, let us cry to our maker, and He will hear us from heaven and listen to our heart cries….

Lord we thank you for this day, we thank you because you love us as a nation.

Lord please we ask that you forgive us our sins 😢.. we have realized ourself, please have mercy upon us Lord.Have mercy upon us! And forgive us… We humble ourself and we ask for your mercy!

Please have mercy upon us…We have sinned, please forgive us with your mercy.

All the generational curse upon this nation is broken because your mercy has prevailed over this nation.

Contend against every opposer of peace in this nation.. contend against all those that are against the atmosphere of peace…

Let your peace reign… Jehovah Shalom! We ask you to step in and intervene.

Sing with me,

Jesus take the wheel,

Take it from our hands,

Coz we can’t do this on our own,

We’re gonna let it go,

So give us one more chance

Save us from this road we’re on

From this road we’re on

Jesus take the wheel

(Song by Carrie Underwood.)

Save us from this road of brutality, save us from the road of genocide,save us from the road of fear, save us from the road of bad governance, save us from the road of injustice and let your peace reign,

In Jesus name we pray (Amen)


  1. God will and He does hear the prayers of the righteous. And He will heal our land.

    In the Mighty name of Jesus. I pray amen.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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