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Out of the blues she came into my life, filled the empty vacuum in my life, that empty space that is meant for her, I felt my life being rejuvenated and it seems I’ve come to the apex of my life, I felt my incomplete being (self) getting revived and suddenly, my perception and intuition is giving me some high hopes and joy. But, it’s very disheartening how my perception was denied some months later and how my intuition was wrong.

I felt my life still empty as it was, I’m not still that happy man I want to be, this is not the type of relationship my heart years for. Is this really the lady I will spend my entire life with? This is not the attributes of a woman the Bible describe as being virtuous… The relationship is taking ages yet I can’t account for any impact. Argument has been the order of the day and it was as though we will never stop arguing, I’ve always hoped for a better day without argument or the best day where plans and prayer about the future will be made but my hope seems to be fading, fading into the thin air like a smoke from a burning wood….

I’ve always learn to tolerate people even right from high school but how can I tolerate someone who is too authoritative as a lady? How can I tolerate someone who is angry and who flare up easily ?? How can I tolerate a thorn in my flesh? The relationship is making me depressed, I’ve traded my personality for love, how can I regain my real state ……

I’ve lost my vulnerability to tolerance as I don’t seem to know how to tolerate my depressed state, I’ve lost my real self and my personality is fading away in my quest of pleasing my finacee….

Lesson: A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, the longevity of a relationship cannot be compared to the longevity of marriage….never lose yourself at the quest of pleasing your partner, don’t enslave yourself just because you love someone…. Be real, be your real self… Don’t fake your personality and try to be what you are not…. You are unique and dynamic the way you are….work on yourself and be the best version of yourself…

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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