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My mind flashed back to his loving and caring words that always send some kind of weird sensations within me ushering me into a “cloud nine” state… His caress and magical touch remains a picture in my memory.

I could remember vividly the first day I met him, it was an experience that always remind me paradise, I lost my sense of reasoning as he stepped into my life.. Dave stepped into my life and everything about me changed, that was the first time I really understand the concept of change..My priority was misplaced and I lose my sense of reasoning as his thought filled my heart all day and night.. At first, I thought I was in love,but my love turned into obsession as the days goes by.

When I say obsession, I mean obsession….I got obsessed about Dave when I can’t to without seeing him daily, I devoted my time, money and love and most importantly “my body”. I was obsessed about Dave when I can’t stop him from abusing me sexually….I thought Dave was my companion but hmmmm!! I’m being mistaken.

Despite my love for Dave, he turned me to a punching bag but still, my love for him seems unending.. I thought I’m being charmed but “NO”. I was responsible for my obsession..

Some months after graduation from college, Dave jilted me, it was like the whole world is crumbling at my feet…..At first, I thought it was a illusion but it was reality. I lost everything to him, my dignity, my pride, and my worth to a man who is not worth it.


With my head bent and my palm resting on my head, tears tricked down my cheek as I reminisced my past life.

Lesson: Never be too obsessed to a man and never confuse love with obsession, obsession is different from love…set your priorities right with the person you love and never change the real person you are to please any man…it aren’t worth it, look before you leap because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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