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I stood up with shame and contempt written all over me as the sights of the blood on the bedspread dazzled me bringing me back from “cloud nine”.How could I ever fall again? I ruminated, as I perceived the fragrance of the air freshener and the dim blue fluorescent light that was still on, making the room cool and romantic.

My mind flashed back to his magical touch that always send cold shivers down my spine, the caress, the flatteries, the evening strolls and his cute face.

I managed to stand up from the bed to clean myself as I saw the “devil” still snoring like a beast. I felt like a living corpse as I walked to the bathroom, when would I get out of this? I thought as I sat in the bathtub…..Tears trickled down my face as the thoughts of how I had disappointed myself again filled my mind, I had breached my commitment again, I can’t just start counting the number of times I had made that commitment, but my weakness keeps getting the best of me..

Oh, what a messy life……i thought aloud….I can’t just help myself because it’s seeming to be an entanglement….Rubbing my face with my feeble palm, I felt more tears trickling down my cheek … When is this going to end? I thought within myself as I cried out my pains.


This is a short story that we must all ruminate on, are your feelings, emotions and weaknesses getting the best of you? Do you keep asking yourself questions like, “AGAIN? ” this is something that you can’t just help out with your own human ability, the best way to come out of this kind of situation is to pray to God to help you and certainly, he will


  1. There is need to acknowledge Christ and give him every weaknesses and receive divine strength.. You’re a blessing to this generation ma.. More auction, wisdom and revelation..

  2. Hmm. Nice.

    Only God can help man out of situations that have turn addiction(s).

    Problem is we try to get out of them by our self our strength, self righteousness. Smh.

    We keep failing. Only God is able.
    Not by power nor by might, but by the spirit.

    I like this scripture * for it is God who is at work both to will and to do of his good works* Philippines 2:13.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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