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My name is Jude Dedevo.I hailed from the southern part of Nigeria,precisely Imo State.I was the only child of my parent.
Being the only child, I was pampered with money,affection and so many beautiful things.
My father is a pharmacist.He has a pharmaceutical company but I call my father a failure…..(sobbing).My mother is a certified nurse.She works in a federal teaching hospital receiving a good pay but I also call my mother a failure….(Crying).I called my parent a failure because their decision brought my future to an ignominious end and I don’t feel guilty of taking the law into my hands.
My parents played a responsible role in a wrong way which affected my life negatively. I want every parents to know and understand that the future of their children is not a football predictions in which they predict what they want their children to become in life,because ninety-nine percent of their predictions will fail in real life.Many parents possess this attitude.
When i was in Senior secondary school 1,I had a fantastic performance especially from the art subjects. My performance marvelled the school principal and told me that “Jude, your performance is good,keep it up.You are likely to fit into law in the future.
“No sir,I love to become a journalist.I replied him with a smile.
A day came when my family was having a dinner and my Father said to me” your performance in your arts subjects are amazing and encouraging but it won’t take you far in life. See,most parent are happy when their children studies professional courses like medicine and surgery,pharmacy,physiotherapy,Nurse,engineering, law and more like that because they don’t suffer delay when seeking for job and their job is lucrative.
“What is your point sir? I asked frowning my face.
“The point is that science is life.Science has so many advantages to offer than arts.If you really want to make your mother and I happy, you have to quit art and put your determination in science.”
“I want you to adhere to your father’s advice.” My mum interrupted. My mum walked over to me and threw her hands over my shoulder.”
“Jude,I want you to know that your dad and mum love you,and they want the best future for you.We will use everything to push you forward if you can reverse your decision.
“Ma…..I stammered. I am weak in science subjects”.
” Shhhh…my mum gesticulated by putting his finger on her closed mouth.You just have to put all your efforts.”My mum replied “. My mum continued” pharmacy or nursing is my dream course I want you to study in the institution “.Once you finish the course,there is job already waiting for you.While your friends are busy struggling carrying their certificates seeking for job, you are already the manager of your dad’s company” Her mum laughed.
The following day,My dad and I paid Mr Eliot my school principal a visit.
“Good morning sir,my name is Mr Dedevo.This is my beloved son and I have an Irrevocable decision “.
Sir, What is the decision? Mr Eliot replied”
“My son has reach a conclusion of dumbing art and going for science.I want this to be done without delay.”
I opened my mouth agape realising that my dad has told lies to the school principal but I acted as if it was true.
“Are you satisfied with your father’s decision?” Mr Eliot asked”
“Yes sir.I nodded but it doesn’t comes from my heart”.
No time to waste,I found myself in science class but I kept struggling with science subjects. The motivation that makes me to get top marks in my arts subjects has diminished.
I got admission into the university at the age of 22 studying pharmacy through malpractices. During my third year in the university, I called my dad and said that I don’t think I would be able to continue with the course but he replied me saying that I need to stay focus and be determined to face my fears.
The school withdrew me when I was in year four but my parent knew nothing about it.I obtained another exam and this time,I put in for micro biology thinking that things will be easy.I also got withdrew again in year 3 because of my low performance.
When things became worst,I packed my load and head straight to my parent’s home.
“I am fed up.I said to my dad”.
“Don’t tell me you drop out of the school without graduating.My dad said angrily”Despite wasting my money on you to make sure you are educated.
“Sir,don’t get me annoyed.Money is not the only resources to make a child get good education.
“What do you mean?My dad questioned”
“A clear aim in life which is the passion,self discipline and commitment are the resources that can make a child get a good education. You had forgotten that a child’s happiness is worth more than gold,silver and all the money in the world.What determines your happiness might not work for my happiness.
” You are saying nonsense Jude”a hot slapped landed over my face.So despite trying to give you a good education, so this is what I deserve”
“Sir,you prepared me for a good education but never prepared me for a good future.Not everyone that have a good education have a good future.The key to a good future lies in your passion and it so disheartening that I had lost it through your threats.I want you to know that passion gives you more enthusiasm to focus on your goals.Passion inspire you never to give up.
“You are a disgrace to me.My mum interrupted.”
Mum please don’t say anything.All because you want to practice your stupid nepotism, you ruin my future.All because you wanted me to study a professional course, you destroy my goal.
“Mum do you want to hear this? I questioned her”
“Go on,she replied frowning her face.
“A professional course is not a course that fetch you a good pay.To me,a professional course is a course that gives you joy,peace of mind and the assurance that you have a promising future in it.Not all medical doctors are happy.Not all nurses,engineers are happy. Now you made me studied a course that earn me nothing in life.I dropped out of school twice.I don’t even know where to start the journey. Am almost clocking 30 and nothing to have achieved. My life is like some broken pieces of plates”
I pull out a pistol and held it straight to my dad.
“This will serve as a deterrent to other parents”
That was how I commited murder by killing my parent and find my self sentenced to life imprisonment.

This is a note to all parents, stop choosing course for your children… It’s very bad, let them go for what they have interest in.

By obiwe Felix

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