Sometimes,we put our trust in man and get disappointed on the long run, we thought they can help us in times of need, we run to them as though they are the final solution, with their sugar-coated mouth, they promise us this, they promise us that, and afterwards, they could not fulfill their promise, they dissapoint us because they are human, they fail us because they are limited. Probably, they try all they could, but they could not just fulfill their promise. Then, we feel dejected, we feel dissapointed, and we feel as though the whole world is crumbling before us, we feel the world is void and vague and everything becomes dark and dreary, life suddenly makes no sense… Why? All because your trust is in man, you so much depend on man, you’ve forgotten the God who can do all things and which there is no impossibilities with him, you have forgotten the unchangeable changer that changes the situation of man.

God is our creator, our potter, our helper,who can do all things, never put your trust in man,man has limitations, man may promise you and fail, not because he really wants to fail you but because he is “man”,never put your trust in man, your trust should be in God, God has everything in his capacity, he never fails… God honours his word more than his name and his words are Yea and Amen, so trust in his word, believe in him.. then, you will never be dissapointed…. “Men may dissapoint you, but God will never dissapoint you”.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀