For how long!!!!!! David, Tell me, for how long!!!!! For how long will you stop being a self-centred husband whose wishes and will are just one in a million, the most perfect man on earth who goes about flaunting himself around women like a nonentity…. I said screaming and shouting on top of my voice, one could easily know I speak out of a pained heart, my voice has been buried over the years and I’m not going to allow that again… Not again!!!! I repeat throwing the newly bought flower vase on the floor

Are you crazy???? My husband shouted as the glass littered the sitting room…. Do you realize what you have just done,do you realize you are talking to your husband?…..Yes!! Call me crazy, I don’t care…. I retorted….. You are just a selfish and self-centered idiot who is always full of height like the wings of a tropical butterfly…. I won’t succumb to your idea this time,I’m telling you… I said pacing up and down, my wig has fallen off my head and my rough and tangled hair is something that can’t be write home about.(the end).

It’s so amazing how we get crazy over little things, we get mad sometimes over things that could be sort out easily but due to our emotions, we allow things get out of hand.

Emotions are “a complex, usually strong subjective response, involving physiological changes as a preparation for action and because of their complexity, it is always not easy to explain which makes dealing with them difficult. Emotions are strong feelings that controls our thoughts,

actions and deeds, but one interesting thing about emotion is that, despite it’s difficulty in handling, we can manage it….. God gave us emotions to enjoy the abundant Life he wants to give us and to be moved in compassion to minister to others for him

Consquently, it’s not easy to manage our emotions because it’s not always an easy task but with the help of God,we can. Emotions will not go away, but we can learn to manage them… We all have emotions, and we must deal with them, but we cannot trust them! Why? Because emotions might be our greatest enemy. More than anything, Satan uses our emotions against us to keep us from walking in the spirit. Satan can use our sexual feelings against us if we allow him.

There are lot of feelings we feel as humans but the most important thing is how to manage them so that, it won’t manage us…. Anger is a feelings, and we must learn to control our temper, our sexual feelings and our emotions generally must be controlled. Learn how to talk to people when you are angry, remember what the Bible tells us about anger(Ephesians 4:26)…..When faced with any difficult decision, wait until you have a clear answer from God before taking a step that you may regret. Emotions are wonderful, but they must not be allowed to take precedence over wisdom and knowledge…. When caught between two stools ie when you are on a cross-road of choosing between two alternative, Control your emotions, don’t let it control you….

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