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Life is beautiful…. If and only if..

On that beautiful early morning, I watched as the sun rise above its horizon, shining upon all and sundry, the flowers open up, raising its petals to the direction of the sun

I was extremely happy, it’s the beginning of a new dawn, I’ve heard so many teaching of how the sun gives a particular vitamin( maybe it’s true or maybe it’s not).

The early morning sun was so bright giving me high hopes, even though I cannot explain why?

The joy that spring up in me as I behold the morning sun is something beyond my comprehension.

It’s just two weeks to my examination and all hope of paying my tuition fee is dashed, dad just paid the debt he has been owing a microfinance bank and mum is just a petty trader

But then, here am I, admiring the beauty and the elegance of God’s creation, and not worried of how my fees will get paid……………


Sometimes, we need to chill, rest and admire life, not because we have not faced difficult situations in life but because those difficult situations did not overwhelm us.

Sometimes, we need to pause and take our eyes, our focus, from what we do not have and focus on what we have, and appreciate God for it.

An Author said,

“life is beautiful for the beautiful, and ugly for the ugly.

Life is beautiful for only those who could see it from a beautiful perspective while it is ugly for those who see it from the ugly perspective.

2020 has actually been topsy-turvy, no one ever plan for this at the begining of the year, everyone was positive about the year,

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many visions, purpose and resolution at the beginning of the year, but the “unplanned for” arises, sending people to early grave.

But then, thank God because you are still alive.

You complain, that is because you are still alive, you murmur, that is because you have life in you.

“Life is beautiful, if and only if, you can view it from a beautiful perspective”

Ifand only if, you can see life from a beautiful perspective, you will thank God for everything in life and even thank him for the things you are yet to have (hmm!)

If and only if, you can see life from a beautiful perspective of having a good health.

But then, many times we choose to focus on the ugly side because our biased mind has programmed itself to seeing the ugly aspect of life “only”.

Learn to appreciate little achievement, because God is actually watching your actions, your heart of gratitude.

See life from a beautiful perspective not just because things are going well and smoothly but because the beginning of a new dawn always come with a beautiful morning sun smiling at you, telling you that life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful, if and only if

If things are not going too well, trust God, continue working on your dreams, visions and purpose. Be consistent, never relent, because every success does not look like it until it is achieved.

God is not through with you yet! So, never give up.

See everyday of your life as an opportunity. Seize that opportunity today, and never take it for granted.


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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