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Let it go: “The pains and the guilt”

Let it go: “the pains and the guit”… Why? He has opened a new chapter for you.

Flip to the next page of the book and discover!!!


“Will you be coming over this evening”… My boyfriend said to me that cool evening.

I was a 200L student in the university, I met Dave during my registration in 100L and since then, one thing led to another and we started a relationship.


“Hmmm…. But I don’t want to”… I said to him.

”I thought I’ve said this over and over again, i love you and I know our body is the temple of the living God and it must not be defiled”.

“And again, marriage is holy and the bed must not be defiled…”Dave said quoting the scripture.

“I just want you to know my place, it’s been over a year that we are in a relationship, it doesn’t sound well that you do not know where i stay”… Dave said persuasively.


Well, Dave is a spiritual person, he love God, one thing I cherish more about him.


And again, “we could share the Word together and gist”… Dave said trying to convince me.

”Okay”.. I will.

“Wow!!! Thank you dear, i love you”

” I love you too”…I said and ended the conversation.


I got to his self-contained room in the evening because of the impromptu meeting I had in the fellowship.

So, I got to his house around 7:00pm.


The walls was decorated with murals of purple and pink colour with shades of burgundy..

“Wow.. nice painting,”..I complemented.

“Thank you”… He said giggling.

“So, what do I offer you?” Anything good.

“Okay… As good as you are”

Not quite long, I suddenly hear lightening and clapping of thunder from the room.

“What’s that? I hope it’s not rain”.. I said with anxiety.

I think I should be …

Before I complete my statement, there was a heavy downpour and then, I couldn’t go to my hostel


“So, what do you want to do now”.. Dave asked, out of a concerned state.

“I don’t know”

“Will you stay over? It’s almost 10pm and it will be very risky to go at this moment.”

“You know what is happening in campus right now, cult groups are against themselves.”

“Yes… It is not safe for me to go”… I admitted.

“You can sleep over”… He said,

“I promise you nothing will happen.”

“We are both born again right?”

“Yes”… I answered


Well, I don’t know how it actually happened, but the last thing I could remember was that I was staring at Dave as we both lay on his bed.


I woke up to see my clothes off me, how did it happen? I felt a strange feeling within me and it was then the reality dawned on me that I have lost my virginity.


I lived with the guilt of losing my virginity for years.I carried my burdens,pains and sorrow along with me, feeling as though i have lost it all. I cried for forgiveness but then I still live in the guilt for many years.



Many times we make costly mistake, horrible mistakes, even when God has forgiven us, we still keep reminding him again and again, asking Him to forgive us of the sins He had long ago forgiven.

I want to tell you that, God has forgiven you of that mistakes and you need to forgive yourself as well.

Let go of the hurt! Let go of the guilt! Let go of the pains!

Probably, it’s someone that offended you, let it go! Let go of the pains they caused you! And lay it at the feet of Christ.

He is ready to take all your hurt and pains and replace it with peace! Nothing but peace of mind!

If only you can let go of the guilt and condemnation.

Have a blessed week

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