Should I say “I can’t stand”

Should I say ” I want to quit”

Should I say “I can’t do it anymore?”…….. Am I still going to make it? Is there still a chance for me?? Am I going to get to that destination? Are there still chances of reaching my ultimate goals?

Those are my anxieties as I stood at the T-junction transfixed, I’ve walked a long way and the journey seem “never ending”. Can I still press on? I asked myself rhetorically, if I attempt going back, what if the remaining mile to get to my destination is just some few steps more

Looking depressed and worried, fears gripped my feeble mind and the thought of throwing out filled my heart.

But I felt a lifting in my spirit as I heard an inaudible voice which sounds like a whisper to my ears… “just a little step more and you will get there……my heart was lifted up at the sound of the voice and my anxieties and fears were turned to hope then  I continued the journey.

So, the journey you are treading on today might look so rough, tense and unending, never feel like quitting but Always remember that “JUST A LITTLE STEP MORE AND YOU WILL GET THERE” and “THERE’S ALWAYS A BROAD LIGHT AT THE END OF A TUNNEL

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀