It’s so sweet and amazing how we pursue our academic goals with zeal, passion and dynamics but so disheartening how we focus on it alone, pursuing it and striving to succeed in it like our life depends on it without grooming our personality and innate ability alongside.

And it saddens my heart that the priority given to education has become a misplacement of priority on its own, especially in the education sector, we have redefined the concept of education due to our ignorance of somethings, we give so much accolades to our academic life and silence the little kings and queens in us…..And the most amazing thing about us is that, we read only to have A’s and B’s without knowing anything about it when we need to relate with it, education is not all about reading but getting knowledge, you can pass through the four walls of the university and still cannot contribute positively to the needs of your society.

Certificate is one of the means to succeed but not only the means to succeed.. there is more to you than putting your utmost focus on your academics alone, build that talent in you,build the king and queen in you, discover what you do with ease, what you derive pleasure in, nurture it and see it grow and then, becoming the best version of yourself. my fact still remains fact, education is good, facing one’s academics squarely and whole heartedly is good, but alongside with it, develop you real self and innate ability.. Nigerian students!!!! it’s high time we change our orientation about education

You have gift in you, you have talents imbedded in you, you are uniquely made with potentials, you are an upcoming star. It’s high time we come out from behind our masks and become real… It is time to focus on our academics and alongside, develop our talent, discover our purpose and nurture our personality… Education is different from literacy.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀