Koo Koo roo Koo!!! Koo Koo roo Koo! Koo! Koo roo Koo!

The sound from the cock jerked me from bed, it’s the beginning of a new da wn again, it’s Monday morning and I feel like covering myself with the duvet or probably stop the cock from disturbing my sweet sleep

I know this is not the right thing to do but the flesh sometimes might be weak, so I covered myself with my duvet and slept off. Some minutes later, i heard another sound again

Griin griin griin! griin griin griin!.. it’s my alarm this time, it’s time for my quiet time with God..

stupid alarm.. I muttered to myself and hissed…, reluctantly, i stood up from bed to thank God for giving me the privilege of seeing another beautiful morning.

Note: it’s not normal that you are alive today! it’s not normal that God keeps guiding and protecting you! it’s not normal that you are Hale and hearty!!.. it’s not normal that everything is normal with you! It’s not normal for things to be normal! We are nothing with him and that’s why we should keep on acknowledging him every moment of our days

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Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀