Intentionality; a roadmap to maintained success

Intentionality; a roadmap to maintained success

Good day everyone…Trust you are having a nice time… Today’s title of the seven days quote challenge is Intentionality; a roadmap to maintained success

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It can also be a roadmap to maintained rising, it is also the key to personal development and also a pathway to change

Have you ever done something intentionally? I mean, you make a deliberate action to do something.

Did you ever take a deliberate action that does not seem enjoyable? When last did you take an action deliberately because you seek a change?

Okay, let’s make it interesting, the first time you decide to accept Jesus, it was a deliberate action right?

When you need to sleep but you intentionally decide to deprive yourself of sleep and stay awake to read your Bible, or probably a book…

As cold as the night was, as comfortable it would be sleeping on your big bed and cover yourself with a duvet,

You decide to sit on the floor or sit on a chair or something, that’s being intentional.

Even though we’ve practice Intentionality sometimes, I will like to unleash somethings about Intentionality

Intentionality is the ability to do every and anything with foresight and attention to details, it is the ability of being deliberate

You sit down and map out a plan as to how you want to get better. That’s intentionality

It’s not just enough to rise but it more great to rise intentionally.

As usual, let’s look at the life of Daniel

And Daniel purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the portion of the King’s meat nor with the wine which he drank(Dan 1:8a)

Daniel purposed in his heart”, that’s a deliberate action, it’s an intentional action of Daniel…

It’s not just some kind of coincidence, it’s not just some kind of friend’s Influence that made him purpose…

It’s a personal action of Daniel

He did not just purpose, but he purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself.

Sometimes we allow our life to be circled around coincidence.

And sometimes, we take the grace of God for granted, we take grace as a license for being indifferent.

But grace came upon Daniel after he purposed, after he deliberately deny himself, then, the grace of God elevate him.

It was after he purposed in his heart, that the grace came upon him, not before because he has the power of choice.

The grace of God made him successful. The grace of God appeared unto him as knowledge and skills in all learning and wisdom.

And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers in all his realm(Dan 1:20)

His intentional action count and made him preferable, he was ten times better than those who were above him ordinarily.

If you really desire a change in life, you must be intentional, be intentional in your choice, allowing God to lead you.

Rising must not be coincidental, your uplifting should not be by mistake, but be intentional about rising

I remember during this lockdown, I determine to wake by 12:00am to worship God, I started that few weeks ago.

And thank God, I have been able to do it, even though at first, it seem hard but on the long run, God’s grace was immense.

So, that’s an intentional action, you seek to make an Influence in life but slumber will not allow you.

Those christian and motivational books are too boring for you to read,

they are not like the normal novels and stories we can read within a twinkle of an eye, but you can read them with Intentionality and then, ask for grace

We spend months or even years on a particular book, because it seems boring… I tell you I’m guilty of this, there is this book titled ‘Good morning Holyspirit’.

I started reading the book last year but couldn’t finish it due to laziness, and some ingenuine reasons.i just picked the book again this week and I’ve started reading it again ( I pray for grace this time around)

Honestly, it might seem hard but let’s rise intentionally, let’s be intentional about it, because

“if you rise coincidentally, you will fall coincidentally”.

Do it intentionally.

In your quest to rise, do it intentionally.

Talk with Intentionality

Keep silence with Intentionality

Don’t let your whole life be stuck in the web of coincidence

So, it’s the end of today’s quote challenge.. love you all…

Intentionality; a roadmap to maintained success
It’s not enough to rise, but rise intentionally.


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀