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He said he like me,
I thought it was love,
He told me,”Ife, we will build this together”,
I thought it was love,

I went offline for days,
He called me and tell me how much he missed me,
Hmm! So sad I thought it was love,

We had late night talks and gists,
I fell in love with our conversation,
Fantasy of how cute we will be as lovers,
Flashing through my mind,
How I will tell my future children how and where I met their father,
Running through my mind,
Please don’t blame me, I thought it was love,

He asked to take me out on a date,
My hopes were high, “he will profess his love to me”
We bought pizza with hollandia yoghurt,
“I love you” did not feature in our conversation,
Yet, I gave him an excuse of taking it steady,

He called me on a cold evening,
“You are so special to me and,
“I cannot trade you for anything in the world”

My heart did a victory jump,
The pace at which it beat increased,
I was overwhelmed already,
Oxytocin creating a surge in me,
“You mean the world to me as friends”

My mind went blank
mouth wide open in agape
And eyes on a sabbatical leave
As cold shivers as a tap without a cap run down my spine.


You get my message from the poem right? Okay, a brief caption about my poem

“Sometimes we get emotional about our friendship with our male/female friends. We get too emotional because of the care, love and support we gets from them. But one thing you should never do as you journey with your friends is that, “don’t confuse likeness with love”. They go hand in hand but sometimes, might not be the same.

Your friend love you as a friend but it’s different from the love you think it is

That’s why it’s good to know your friends and know where they fall in, define every relationship before it define you. Thank you.

Did you enjoy this piece. Encourage the writer by giving out your Comments, likes and shares. Thank you and I love you all❤️

One of my favourite poems: Where my trust is without borders


  1. I would be surprised if this hasn’t happened in some form or fashion to most people. It did with me, but I never truly believed our friendship would ever blossom into where I “fantisized” it could go. We are still very good friends, and that is okay! I enjoyed reading your work! Welcome to WordPress if you are just beginning! ;-)))

    1. 😃😃😅 the same way I was fantasizing, Yeah, it’s good to value those kind of friendship once you are conscious of the fact that this person is my good friend and no strings is attached…
      I’m so glad you enjoy reading this.. thank you 🤗

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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