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My love for him is unending,

yet I thought he is silent.

Did all my best to please him,

Yet he seems to be silent,

This circumstance is tearing me apart oh Lord,

I cried out my pains bitterly,

Wetting my soft pillow with my tears all night,

Yet, I desire to love him more,

More than I can ever think or imagine.

But on the long, long, long run,

My unwavering love seems to deteriorate,

My trust in him begins to waver,

As the turbulent sea tossed me up and down,

Overwhelming me with fears and doubts,

Life suddenly seems dark and dreary,

Though my heart keeps longing for him,

But my strength failed me,

I failed to see him at the center of it all,

I failed to recognize his unfailing love,

Suddenly he beaconed at me from the other side of the shore,

I never knew he was preparing me for a great deal,

I found it all on the other side of the shore,

I’ve been barking the wrong tree all the past years.

I thought he is silent,

But he is not.

•Look beyond the imperfection of the Poem and look into its content and the lesson we can derive from it

Lesson: God is not silent over that situation, life may seems dark and dreary and your love for him begins to falter, I want you to know that he still cares for you…. That situation is a preparation for the glory ahead, see him in the circumstances you are passing through, he is not a silent God, he wants to know the depth of your love for him. He is not silent!!!!

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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