I am pregnant; what am i pregnant with?

I am pregnant; what are you pregnant with

Good day everyone… I hope you are enjoying the quote challenge? Today’s title of the quote challenge is “I am pregnant”

Then, the question goes to us all, what are you pregnant with?

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Even as we are wrapping this quote challenge up, I will like to open our heart up to something that just pricked my heart.

An illustration like, a pregnant woman. Like we all know that pregnancy is a period,

there is a period when the woman gets pregnant, the gestation period and the delivery period

But that’s not what I am talking about, I am talking about being pregnant with visions and purpose.

I am talking about being pregnant with dreams,being pregnant with your purpose for life.

I am pregnant; what are you pregnant with
I am pregnant with visions and purpose

Have you discovered your purpose for life?

Being here is not just by mistake and that is why we must live for the one who created us to be here

There is more to life than money, there is more to influencing lives than fame, there is more to doing exploit for God than being casual

And Daniel had an understanding in all visions and dreams (Dan 1:17b)

For my people perish for lack of visions(paraphrase).. So, do you have a vision for life? Do you know where you are going?

Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.

Have you discovered your purpose? and do you know your vision for life?

If you have not, you need to discover your purpose and it’s only in God, you can discover it.

Today,we will be talking about

  • The discovery of purpose
  • gestation period of purpose
  • delivery period of purpose(manifestation
  • Miscarriage of purpose(shattered dreams)


Purpose is why you are here on earth. Your mission on earth. It was God who created us and he created us in his own image for a purpose.

Living is vain if you have not discovered your purpose for life.

And you can only discover your purpose in God, it’s only God that knows why you are here, he has plans for your life

You can discover your purpose through your passion but your purpose must be something that point to God

The gestation period of a man’s purpose

Just like there is a gestation period for a pregnant woman, there is a gestation period for a man’s purpose.

During the gestation period of a pregnant woman, the woman is mindful of what she eats, because the health of the baby is dependent on it

For instance if your purpose is to sing and compose songs, what type of songs are you listening to? What type of songs are you feeding yourself with.

Have you ever taken any step to the actualization of your dream or all you do is to fantasize and imagine

Delivery period of the purpose (manifestation)

Just like a pregnant woman will not be pregnant forever, she has to deliver.

There is a time for every purpose. Just like there is a time for a pregnant woman to deliver, there is a time for the manifestation of your purpose.

There is a time when you will give birth to your purpose, there is a period you will give birth to your vision

So if you are doing anything now and you are thinking of quitting because you feel it’s not coming to manifestation

Remember, there is a time for the manifestation of every purpose.

Be consistent!!! Your time will come

Miscarriage of a purpose:

Do you know that a purpose can be terminated?

God has committed something into your hands but failure to do it can lead to a terminated pregnancy, failure to submit yourself can lead to a terminated purpose.

Or when you begin to feel nobody can. Do it better than the way you are doing it, then, your purpose can be aborted because God does not delight in proud prople.

He lifted the lowly in spirit(humble) and abase the proud.

So if God is doing wonders through you please pray for the spirit of humility.

Remember that God commit that thing into your hands not because you are qualified but because of his grace.

I pray our dreams will not be terminated in Jesus name(Amen)

And if you feel your purpose been terminated (you no longer have a passion for your purpose), pray to God, he will surely restore to you.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀