Memories of how it all happened remains green in my heart… If wishes were horses, I would ride in my wish of turning the hands of clock, but, that’s a wish that will never come through

So disheartening how life hurt sometimes, not because it really want to, but probably because of the path we chose and that is what summarizes my story.

“Jane, there are lot of things you don’t know that might harm you…. My mom said gently, touching my shoulders, her voice so comforting, sounding like a whisper to my ears, my mom, my everything! But I don’t think I will follow her advice this time around because I really love him, I love Desmond and I don’t care if he does not me the way I do…. I fired back at my mom.

Mom, please, just leave me alone, the love will develop as time goes on….I soliloquies as I walked angrily to the sitting room.

Jane! Jane!! Jane!!! My mom called back but I was like a dog that will not hear the Hunter’s whistle because my mind is fixed already, deep down within, I know Desmond does not love me the way I do but it does not bother me because I think he will love me someday on the long run but I was dissapointed as I got married to the love of my life.

I walked down the aisle with Desmond, I felt fulfilled, happy and excited while my mom’s face is as pale as grey that fateful day which marked the beginning of my pains, suffering and agony. Suffering is an understatement to describe my matrimonial home, I tried all I could to please my husband but he’s not always satisfied,my good does not please him, my better is like a rag while my best irritates him… I lost my first baby through miscarriage due to the punch and slaps that always throw me off balance. Now I lie in woes of self pity as I lay on the sick bed, I should not feel sorry for myself, I’m responsible for my pains and suffering,Desmond was never in love with me but I was too blind to see that, I proposed to him thinking he would love me on the long run but I was dissapointed.. Now I know that, relationship should be based on genuine love and trust from both party

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀