The feelings of how things changed drastically after her wedlock with her new hubby still remained an obscurity to her as she can’t just explain how her loving fiance turned out to be a thorn in her own flesh immediately after marriage.

            Is this really the man I said “yes ” to some months back? She had asked herself this same question in the past but still couldn’t proffer answer answer to it… Her life has just being in mess since the day she entered her matrimonial home.
          The thoughts of how she walked down the aisle filled her mind, the oaths, the prayers and how the pastor pronounced them “husband and wife” is just a picture that can’t be cleared off her memory.
         Is this really a Dream??? Probably, it might be a trance…she thought within her, as she felt everything turning to be an illusion….Her life is in mess, her health is deteriorating and her mind seems to be in a state of unrest as she reminisced on her past life.
         Though being in her early thirties, she had learned to manage situation even right from childhood but how will she handle this? How will she live the whole of her life with a total stranger whom she call “husband”, with her face bent between her kneels… “she sobbed silently”
        How would she even get out of this whole mess? She thought within herself as tears trickled down her cheek, how can she explain the whole escapade to her mom who had warned and advised her strictly to always look before she leap but she was blinded by his love, money and looks and all that matters to her is to get married but even after that few months of marriage, she already felt like going back to her former state of singleness but it’s just a wish that can never come through.

Oh, how I wish….i shouldn’t have done this to myself,i should have listen to my mom’s piece of advice but it’s just too late… “She lamented as  grieve, regrets and fears gripped her soul………
                                                        THE END.

“Love, they say is blind” but never be blinded by love to the extent of going into marriage with someone that is below the plan of God for your life…. Look into the contents of your proposed wife/husband and don’t be deceived by their glittering container

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