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Face to face with my lover

Face to face with my lover

Face to face with my lover

Davina looked at her watch, it’s 11:00pm already, It’s late in the night but she can’t afford to miss the party.

Even though her mum had warned her not to attend the party that night but she can’t afford to miss the appointment with Chief

She needs to be at the party, it will be a great party and she can’t afford to miss it…

“But, how will i take that route”.. she thought aloud…

She don’t want to be stopped by her lover who keeps pestering her..

She has taken the route so many times and she can’t just think of another route to take to the junction..

Lost in her thought, her phone rang jolting her back to the moment

“Hello babe”

Where are you?

I’m sorry, I’m on my way, I will join you soon

Okay… Will be expecting you

Okay… Bye

Hmm… What do I do, I need to attend this party, i will catch some fun with Chief.. She thought

I don’t know why he keeps pestering me, I told him I don’t love him and I need to enjoy my life with other men.

He keeps telling me he love me but I can’t love someone I dont love, I don’t think I have time for him

But, come to think of it, it’s already late in the night, it’s fifteen minutes past 11:00pm, so who in his right senses will be waiting for his lover at this ungodly hour

He can’t be there, so I will just take the normal route… She thought


Davina got up and within a twinkle of an eye, she’s on the lonely path, the path that leads to the junction, it’s already late in the night and she hope to get a cab to take her to the party.

She has done this many times and her Christian mother had always warn her of her lifestyle but she is not even bulged by her mom’s counsel

The death of her father years ago has given her liberty to live a free life so she is ready to do anything she likes.

Walking briskly on the lonely path, fear gripped her, it’s 11:30pm already and she has never walked so late before.

It’s a narrow path, so she wasn’t expecting to see anyone that time but she can’t just explain why she was so afraid, but then, she was about to limp into a ditch when she came face to face.

Face to face with him! Face to face with the same guy who has been trying to win her heart, face to face with her lover.

Face to face with the guy who has been pestering her for so long.

Why? Why do you keep doing this to me? Why do you keep ignoring my love? The voice echoed in her ears

The end.

That’s the same question Jesus keeps asking us whenever we derail from his truth, he is asking you that question today, he is ready to receive you, he love you, he was wounded for our transgressions

Why not receive him today and enjoy the peace, the love, and the happiness in Jesus

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