Diary of a young talented girl episode1

A flyer containing the picture of a young beautiful girl

Imaginations they say is the sweetest world, the one that makes the imaginer live in its own world of mirage and fantasy as their mind travels so fast within a speed of seconds, the hush of sounds they would not hear and a whisper can be a distraction but mine is far cry from that, my story is far from imaginations….

As a matter of fact, who will imagine to be beaten by the destitute of life?? Or who will imagine life throwing stones in tonnes and tantrums at her but that was what characterize my story… My story is a true story from a genuine heart, it is a story I tried living without telling but my conscience would not let me be.

Looking at the large crowd of souls waiting to hear my story( I wondered how they will feel after they listen to my story line), I feel like walking away from the podium…. the enthusiasm on their face is like a sore in my heart, I gave out a wry smile, the smile that reminds me of my pain, the self inflicted pain and agony I went through.

The camera man was beaming with smile. Obviously, he love his work as I watch him turn from one side to another, closing one eye and looking into the camera.. and for reasons I can’t fathom, I hate him Immediately, I hate his guts, and I hate his sense of humor( but not everyone is a saddist!).. I wish I would go out of the hall and vanish into the thin air but it’s a debt and a dedication to everyone out there. Everything is quite okay about the hall, except the people that kept on smiling like one who has just one a visa lottery.

Complication has been the order of the day in my life, many people thought I’ve ran out of my mind but who will not after all the pains I went through in my matrimonial home.. I’ve lost everything I have to the man I married, I lost my dignity, I lost my pride, I lost my reason for living, my goals and ultimately my PURPOSE in life.

(Back to the hall), the people are anxious, one could sense it from the tense atmosphere, the people were no more smiling, their gaze could even sweep one off balance, a drop of pin would be heard from the silence that had ensued

Turning my eyes from the ceiling and then to the crowd, I made a gesture with my fingers, a weird gesture I can’t explain.. one would think I’m seeing some supernatural being but NO! I’m only seeing natural beings in the hall anxious to hear the story.

“Where do I start from?”….. I finally spoke out, as my voice reverberated the hall.

My mind has gone blank, I can’t even think straight.

“Maybe from the beginning”, I said again beaming out a wry smile, that kind of smile that only appears on one side of the cheek…

My name is S***** J****


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