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Diary of a young talented girl episode1

My name is Sandra James, I hail from the Eastern part of the country, Imo state precisely…

I’m from a christian home where God is at the epic center of it all.

It’s a family I would forever wish to be found if there is something like a second or third world.

Everyone is important in my family as love is the foundation of the family…

I had always watch dad and mum converse and each time,

Then, I wish to have blissful home like theirs, they are like two lovers who fall in love with each other everyday

Something I love about my family is the importance placed on everyone, the love we shared and the unity among us.

Morning devotion is something everybody always look forward to, it is a moment spent with God.

Father would ring the family bell as early as 5:00am, bringing everyone back to reality, back to the beginning of a new dawn.

Yawning and stretching as everyone made his/her way to the sitting room, the sound of the bell is annoying sometimes but it’s an everyday routine in my family.

Then, the first song we all know father would sing is,

“Good morning Jesus,

Good morning Lord,

I know you come from heaven above,

The holy spirit is on the throne,

Good morning Jesus

Good morning Lord

(Back to the hall).. ‘they were paying full attention, everybody is smiling as I sang the song while some are humming the song’


That song has become an anthem in my family, sometimes, I wonder if family devotion will be a success without singing the song (smiles)

Then, after family devotion, we all go about our house chores

I’m sorry I forgot to introduce my family members at the beginning, my family is as important as that.

I don’t joke with my family, even my friends knows that…

I had always fight with anyone who throws taunt at any member of my family, I will put my Christianity aside and fight with my weakest strength..

And the last fight I had with a bully was the one that led to my expulsion from Christstone high school..

it had been a normal insult towards each other until he mentioned my surname,

I got furious and pounce on him like a lion would pounce on a dog.. I beat him up mercilessly until blood gushed out from his mouth and nose…

I freezed at the sight of blood and ran home, and then, was expelled.

My father threatened to disown me and send me out of the house but my mom’s pleas got the best of him.


I am from a family of five, my loving father, sweet mother, Derrick, Desmond and I…

Being the only girl and the last born, I was pampered by my family ( You see why I will never joke with them!!)…

They are all that matters and growing up among two boys was the best thing that ever happened to me.

No doubt my siblings love rough play and probably, it was what aided my strength.

Lovely father was the Arch Bishop in All Saint Gospel church, he is a full time minister while sweet mother is a business woman.

We were taught the way of the Lord right from a tender age and we were all in the work force serving God in various departments.

“It pays to serve God”.. that had always been the slogan of my father… Every conversation with him centered on God, serving him in truth and Holiness.

My sweet mother have always build every aspect of our life, spiritually, emotionally, building of talent and gift, our personal relationship with everyone especially opposite sex, and ultimately, our “purpose”.

“God has a reason for creating you, there is a purpose why you are on Earth,

God has a purpose for bringing you to this family”…

My mother said on one of our late night conversation

” You must discover your purpose for life if you don’t want to live like a living corpse, like someone who has no destination,

you must live a purpose driven life to influence lives… My mom continued..

“But how do i discover my purpose in life?” Discover your passion… She replied.

What do you love doing most? What do you love doing and you know will influence lives positively? Discover it and pursue it passionately.

My mother emphasize so much on “purpose” and which was what cause me more pains and agony on the long run because I lost it (sobs),…

I lost my purpose for life. I lost the reason for living on a platter of gold.

I thought about what mum said and immediately I know my purpose is to influence lives with my songs, my songs have inspired many in church, while some fall under the anointing,

some will be lost in the spirit… Either of the two will happen whenever I sing.

I’ve sang cool and secular songs too in school and many has always been thrilled by the melody, but I’ve never thought about the peculiarity about my gift.


I couldn’t wait till the next morning to break the good news for my mum.

“Mummy, I have discovered my purpose and my purpose is singing to influence lives… I said smiling like one who just one a visa lottery.

Yes, my dear….. I know your purpose is “the singing ministry”, to bless and influence lives with your songs and I thank God you have discovered it yourself.


Mum prayed for me that day and opened a scripture that will forever remain green in my memory

“A man’s gift will make room for him and bring him before great men”…. Provide 18:16.

My mother emphasized so much on purpose and which makes every member of the family discover his/her purpose.

(Back to the hall)… The aura in the hall has changed, some were jotting points down while some are keen about hearing what happened next.

(To be continued)🤗🤗🤗🤗

Next episode comes next Saturday….stay tuned


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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