Diary of a young talented girl (episode 3)

Diary of a young talented girl (episode 3)


Welcome to episode 3 of diary of a young talented girl

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I was enrolled into Maryland international school after my expulsion from Christstone high school..,

my mother had carried the burden of getting me enrolled into the school,

after father promised not to get in involved in my academic pursuit, unless I go on a marathon fasting for three days (funny right?)

My father can be funny at times concerning one’s spiritual life, even though I tried it, it was as though I would die.

I could not help but break the fast the following morning but dad was not still satisfied…

Despite my pleas of turning a new leaf, my dad will not still bulge

Mom took the responsibility upon herself when she noticed dad’s indifferent attitude about my education

” Your dad is man of his words and anything he said is his final say, my mom said on one of our late night conversation.

” But, I thought this is my life mom, I fought for him and now, he is not even bothered about my schooling…. I cried to my mom that night. Yourdad is a rigid man and and an example to every leaders and members of the church.. my mom said with sympathy

” Everyone is looking up to him as an example… So, he does not want you to pull the name of the family in the mud.. mom explained.

Promise me, you won’t fight in your new school… My mom said looking straight into my eyes

I know she just have to bring herself together… Water had welled up in her face and I must not disappoint her

My mom is my everything, she is my world, I can’t just afford to lose the golden opportunity of going back to school

” Mummy, I promised to be the best child you ever wanted me to be and I will make you proud of me someday

” I will never fight again, the Bible commands us to be holy like God”, I will do my best mom

Mom was so happy that night… She was proud of her daughter and convinced I will make her proud, as she gave me a big and a tight hug.

I felt secure in her warm embrace

Mom said something before retiring to bed. ” Honour thy father and thy mother; that your days may be long

For you to live long in life, you must honour your father and mother… She said.

And remember God’s word……. She continued, waiting for me to complete it

Remains and abide forever… I said smiling.

(You can see that I love God from a tender age)


A week later, my mom brought my admission letter into Maryland international school. I was the happiest girl on earth that day…

I couldn’t believe my eyes, rubbing my eyes with palm severally to be sure it’s not one of my wildest imaginations

but it’s REAL! it’s in the real world.

I could not believe mom had been planning.

“Mom! I love you”… I said as I flinged myself in her arms

“I love you too my dear”… She said smiling revealing her one-sided dimple

Mom, we have to celebrate this tonight… I screamed, I can’t wait to tell everyone the news,. I picked up my phone to call Derrick who is studying medicine in UNICAL.

“hello Derrick”

You won’t believe what happened… I said smiling

What’s that? My brother said in his usual baritone voice

Momma just get me enrolled in Maryland international school (MIS), the great and popular international school

“Wow… Okay”, congratulations

“You need to be serious this time around and not just go there to prove your fake strength that got you expelled in your former school.. Derrick said bluntly

Know the child of whom you and are and stob being a troubleshooter.

Okay, I will

“Bye”… My brother said and ended the call.

He’s just like dad.. I thought aloud, see how his words just calmed down my vibes…

Well, am not bothered.. I thought as I pick up my phone to call Desmond

“Hello Desmond”

How are you doing dear?hope you are fine?

Yes, I’m very fine… I replied giggling

Desmond, guess what?

What’s that, I’m eager to hear…

Mom just enrolled me in Maryland international school…

“Wow…. that’s great”,my brother exclaimed.. I’m happy for you dear… Congratulations, I wish you success

And focus on your study and your purpose and stop being a bully in school… Desmond joked

I love you dear

I love you too… I said as I ended the call.

I feel very happy after my making those calls with my brothers. I know I have to put in my best in the new school.

I promised myself to be the best in my academics, to make mom and dad proud and graduate with good grades,

but little did I know that MIS has something apart from academic achievement to offer me


My first day in school is a memory that will forever remain green in my heart,

MIS is a great school I’ve always aspire to attend, it’s a beautiful, big and international school well known for it’s high educational standard.

I walked into the school compound with my school bag hanging on one of my shoulder, suspending it’s adjuster until it touch my buttock,

I walked majestically yo the hall,…..

Immediately I entered the hall, my eyes caught a glimpse of a cute, handsome boy, I couldn’t help but stare at him all through the period

I was so lost in thought about him until I felt a gentle tap on my shoulders jolting me back to the moment ( shame on you.

It’s your first day in school and all you can ever think of is a boy)… I hear my inner voice speak

Plz can you move an inch forward? She said with her tiny voice, not different from the chirping of a bed, I wonder how beautiful her soprano voice would sound.

The assembly lasted for about forty five minutes as we all marched to our classes, but as I made my way out of the hall, I missed my step and fell so hard on the ground

I was so embarrassed, I managed to stand up but my leg aches as I groan in pain

Oh.. sorry dear, take care… I could hear all manner of sympathizing word that couldn’t bring me up from the ground.. I wished someone would help me up

Take care dear… I heard a deep voice said to me

I lifted up my face to see my life saver that morning and to my bewilderment, it was the guy! I mean the one I was staring at some minutes ago

I can help you… He said stretching his hand towards me to help me get to my feet

Are you okay! He asked in a friendly tone, not different from a hush

Yeah, I’m okay

Or will you like to go to the sick bay…

Okay, thanks so much I said smiling…

he’s so nice, I thought within me as we made our way to the sick bay,

we talked like old time friends and that was what initiated my friendship with Sam which later turned out to be a love escapade.

(Back to the hall). Everyone is eager to hear the love story between Sam and I, they were adjusting their chairs, gesticulating how eager they were


Hmm…. i heaved heavily into the microphone…

……Who knew Sam is the charming prince who will break through my thick walls of thorns…(To be continued)

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀