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Welcome to our first episode of seven days quote challenge titled “consistency; the key to accelerated progress.

I hope at the end of this seven days quote challenge, you’ll see a tremendous change in your life and be ready to take bold steps about your witty ideas.

First and foremost, I will define consistency as the quality of repeating an action often and sticking to it.

Sometimes, we get adapted to a thing and then, as humans, we get tired of it, a concept called HEDONIC ADAPTION

Even though at first, it might seem interesting to us but on the long run,

we tend to get tired or bored about it especially if the result are not tremendous

Or when we are not seeing drastic improvement, impression or encouragement from people

But consistency is the key to accelerated progress, consistency is the key to success…..

Sometimes, consistency can be the missing ingredient to being successful…

Sometimes we easily give up at the verge of success…

Something about success is that, it’s a gradual process, it will not just come out of the blues

You don’t just wake up on a beautiful morning and become a successful person… It’s a gradual process and consistency is one of the key to success.

Imagine if most of our great pastors had stopped preaching due to a challenge during their early ministry, their names will never be heard.

Imagine if the successful people we hear about today have stopped doing what they do, their names will never be heard.

Consistency can be the key to accelerated progress in life… If you really desire success, keep pressing. Never stop pressing! It might be hard, but keep pressing!

Somethings can actually be hard to put up with, ask for grace from God! It’s not actually by human ability, but by God’s grace!

Be determined as well! Determine to be consistent, it might be hard, it might be difficult, but never stop pressing.

it will stretch you, But never give up

If it’s not stretching you, then, it’s not consistency… Being consistent will stretch you, it will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

But the interesting part is that, it will make you! It will eventually bring the success you desire! It will eventually make you influential!

Pathways to consistency; how to be consistent

Determine to be consistent: The first thing is to be determined, have a determined heart, purpose in your heart to be determined…

And Daniel purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat… ( Dan 1:8a)

I looked at the life of Daniel and his friends, and I see determination.. First thing, Daniel purposed in his heart and they took bold steps to be consistent

Take Bold Steps To Be Consistent: At the end of ten days, their countenances appear fairer and fatter in the flesh than all the children…”(Dan 1:15a)

They were consistent even unto the tenth day, they didn’t get tired of eating pulse and water after the third day.. oh! They were consistent!

And guess what, their consistency made them promoted.

Ask for the grace of God: After determination, ask for the grace of God. No man can actually do it with his own power, the grace of God is the only factor that keeps man going.

Refuse the limiting effect of hedonic adaption: Refuse the effect of hedonic adaption by renewing your passion! Water it like a garden! Keep it refreshed

Know where you are going: And Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams ( Dan 1:17b).. You get anywhere faster when you know where you are going.

For Instance, you want to visit me and you dont know the address or you lost the adress to my house, you might actually get lost…

peradventure you later ask a few people, you will not get to my house on time compared to if you know my house.

Process of change




Consistency; a key to accelerated progress
Keep driving, keep pressing, you will get there

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Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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