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Chasing facades

James inched over his own thoughts like a measuring worm.

“I have the talent to sing, it’s my passion, but I don’t know why things are not aligning”… He said as he sat down with the guitar, trying to play the key he had been learning for years.

He could not just stop thinking about what the choir Master told him the other day during practice,

‘singing is not your way, I think you should go to other units like sanitation’. Femi had said to him bluntly after several failed attempt of playing the guitar correctly.

“No!!… I think I hate Femi, he is never positive”

“He is always looking for ways to prove he is a better singer.”

“What does he know anyway, there are one thousand and one gospel artist out there that are better than him.”

“He hasn’t even produced a song and all he do is to talk against upcoming gospel artist like me”.. James said smiling carrying the old guitar from the floor.

“I will not give up”.. he said trying to play the guitar again.

But a knock distracted him.

“Yes, who is in there”…. he said dragging his feet as he walked towards the door.

“Abeg open the door jare”…. Thomas, who happens to be his bossom friend said

“Guy…. How far now”…. James said smiling as he give him an handshake.

“What are you doing?” Thomas asked sarcastically as he shifted his eyes to the old guitar lying on the floor.

“I hope it is not what an thinking”…. Thomas said laughing hysterically.

“You still dey play this thing?”… Thomas said ridiculously

“Yes oo, infact, am tired.” James said squeezing his face

“You will surely be tired”…Thomas retorted

“But then, come to think of it, you write well and you are very creative in writing, why not switch to what you are good in and stop chasing facades

You love to sing but God want you to write . Is it God you want to please or yourself?

And then, even on the long run, you later know how to play the keys perfectly, you will never fit in because it is not your way.”

Lesson from the storyline: Sometimes the things we Chase is mere facades to the extent that we become so obsessed with it.

The truth is that it’s not everyone that can be a singer, a musician, a pastor or whatever you desire

Know who God want you to be, know what you are called to be and walk perfectly in it.

Sometimes what we avoid is a blessing but due to ignorance, we Chase after what is not ours.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀