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It’s so amazing how the friends we move with tells more about us, about who we are, and about who we will be, and about what we are becoming…… Or don’t think it’s amazing???? The friends we move with determines where we are going… Sometimes, the people we call friends are not actually our friends but it’s so disheartening how loyal we are to them, how we trust them and hold them dearly in our heart….

What do I discuss with you as a friend? Is it only about the fashion in Vogue, or the new boyfriend/girlfriend i have or the cloth I’m aspiring to buy, if that’s all I discuss with you as a friend, then, I am a bad friend…. Your discussion with your friend matters alot… Along side with funny gists and jokes, discuss matters that will build you, matters that will inspire you, share the “Word” together with your friends, motivate each other, challenge each other in your discussion, hang out with your friends, have nice time with each other….. If your discussion with your friends have never build you spiritually, academically, emotionally, intellectually motivated you, inspire you or help you, then you need to change your circles of friend..
If the friend you move with cannot give, then, he/she is not your friend…

Giving here does not only encompass money, it encompass every area of life, your friend must be able to give you quality advice when you need it, give her time to pray for you in times of distress, share her knowledge, intellect, and wisdom… There is no love without giving, you cant clame you love me as a friend and you won’t be able to give what you have, ” for God so love the world that he “GAVE” his only begotten son( John 3:16a), God gave his only begotten son to die for our sin, why? Because, he love us, he does not want us to perish in our sin.
The friends you move with tells more about you… There is a common quote that says ” show me your friend and I will tell who you are”.. your friend can easily potray your own personality as well. change your friend, change your life and if you have a friend that inspire you, motivate you, help you and love you, never lose that friend because he/she is a blessing to your life in disguise of a friend.

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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