I’ve done the most unthoughtful act in the world and I don’t deserve mercy……. Talk of the devil,, I am the devil itself, I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing….. Cassandra thought as tears trickled down her cheek. How could I have done this to a loyal friend? How on earth could I betray my bossom Friend… She reminisced looking helplessly as she stood in the suggestion box with the judge, the lawyers, the audience and the prosecution officers….. And in less than an hour, she will be judged whether to have the freedom she’ve misused in the past or to be deprived of her freedom for the rest of her life ….she thought aloud .

She has lost her peace and life has make no sense immediately after the incident, she has been a living corpse for the past few days and it seems the wind will sweep her feet off the ground whenever she walk.

Cassandra knew deep inside of her that she is not going to get away with her cruel act despite her Lawyer’s enthusiasm in providing evidence that seem to be relevant even though it’s not… She just need a voice to speak for her, she needs a voice to vindicate her but the truth is glaring…. Looking helplessly like a chicken about to be slaughtered, she knew her chances of winning the case is a dangerous probability…. Myriad of thoughts about how loving and loyal her friend had been right from childhood ran through her mind, she can’t just fathom why she gave the devil a breathing space in her life.


Miss Cassandra! The judge called, as his voice reverberated the court hall bringing her back from “cloud nine”… are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment for the commit of murder, the Judge concluded the case be giving his verdict, she felt the whole world coming to a still as the judge gave his verdict… Suddenly, life makes no sense to her again as it was as though darkness is covering the whole earth, she couldn’t control the tears that had welled up in her eyes from trickling as she lie in woes of self pity as she is being led by the prosecution officers to the prison yard …. Cassandra thought about her past life, she knew her future is bright but she had jeopardize it with her own hand, her dream of becoming successful has been shattered….oh! What a shattered dream…. She thought aloud.


I’m sorry plz, can I get a pen and a piece of paper to scribble down my story, she said to one of the officers. I need a pen and a piece of paper here…. Sergeant Okoro ordered….. I’m giving you ten minutes to write any thing you want to.. The officer said incessantly



How can I sync my grieve with my inhumane act, how do I tell my story to the whole world? How can I explain and narrate my cruel and wicked act to the world? Where do I even start from? Well, let me start by introducing the criminal,

my name is Cassandra James, I’m a native of Benue state and the story behind my judgement goes thus:

I’ve lived in peace with my best friend, Stephanie until the day I gave the devil a breathing space, Stephanie had entered the room that fateful evening to disclose her new crush as Desmond, it was like a bombshell in my heart as I felt my best friend taking what really belongs to me, I felt she is about to take away my only source of love, care and joy ever since the demise of my father…..immediately, my heart started beating fast and it was as though it would jump out of its cave

Are you out of your mind?? I retorted sharply.. are you sick?? Hope you are in your right senses??? I asked incessantly

What do you mean by those stupid questions, My friend fired back in defense.

Don’t you know Desmond is my ex and I still love him, even if your instinct is not capable of telling you it’s a taboo, don’t you have conscience? Don’t you have intuition? I can’t blame you because I see you lack home trai……. But before I finished my statement, it was an hot slap that landed on my face….. Being a choleric, I got up aggressively as I stormed into the kitchen to take a knife and within a twinkle of an eye, I saw a lifeless body in the pool of its blood…….. Cold shivers run down my spine at the sight of blood, it was then reality dawned on me that I had stabbed my bossom Friend… Some minutes later, I was arrested and taken to the police custody and later charged to court where I was prosecuted….. Now, lying in my woes of self pity as I can’t even fathom what the prison holds but I know it’s not something that is good to write home about.

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