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I grew up to be a young, beautiful, charming, cute and “strong” girl but very secretive, I keep almost everything as secrets, even things I know aren’t worth it. Eheew!!! I hate people intruding on my privacy but it’s so disheartening that what i kept private are areas I actually need someone to advice me on(sobs)…. my definition of privacy is wrong and does not give its real context.

Being a secretive girl, I hardly tell people about me for reasons I can’t fathom, I prefer sharing my gains and pains with myself probably because I feel I can handle things myself or it’s just my nature. Whenever people tell me about themselves, what they are going through and all of that, I see them as weakling seeking advice from the ever “strong” girl(but who cares!!), I give the little piece of advice I can while I swim in my own pool of “secrets”.
I wish I could open up to people like my friends did but I find it hard( probably a force is restricting me)….I hide my pains, burdens and agony in the feign of my lovely and charming smile

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But one thing I noticed about the friends I grew up with is that, they feel free after pouring their minds out, they feel relieved and cheerful and here comes me the “secret keeping girl” swimming and wallowing in her burdens and pains

The experience that broke the camel’s back was when my relationship with my fiance crashed… Prior to that time, I needed someone to talk to, someone to advice me, someone to give me some relationship tips but the best i ever did was to wet my soft pillows with my tears all through the night…. And then, my “over secretive attitude got the best of me because I thought I could handle it

out of my frustration on a cool evening, I walked up to my friend looking straight into her eyes and asked
” Can one be secretive and still be happy?”Are you okay? She asked smiling, obviously I’ve given her the impression of a strong girl.

So, dear readers, this is a question for us..Can one be secretive and still be happy, knowledgeable or experienced?

Give your comments below 🤗🤗

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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