There is something I believe in and it is called “balance”… striking the balance. But how can I strike the balance and still make an impact?

    Balancing things in our lives means when one area of life does not progress at the expense of the other, when every aspect of our life is on a great scale.
    Balance in our living has to do with every aspect of life. An area of life should not inhibit the growth of other areas of life, your academic life should not inhibit the growth of the spiritual life neither should the spiritual hinder the growth of your academic life….. One area of life must not hinder the development of another area
    We may ask ourself, “can one live a balanced life and still be outstanding in every facet of life? I am giving a “YES” to that.
    Living a balanced life is not living an average life, they are two things we must not confuse together… We will be barking up the wrong tree when we confuse them together.
    Let’s take a quick review on balancing our life

    • Know your priority
    • Live by your priority
    • Write your goals(do not only know your goals but write them down.. we are humans and we tend to forget things, so you will save yourself the stress of cracking your brain to remember an important goal)
    • Know your purpose in life and passionately pursue it
    • Believe in yourself and develop a self confidence.
    • Write down every areas of your life, in front of it, write your aims and goals for each areas and paste it on the wall
    • Love yourself, build yourself intentionally and become the best version of yourself.

    Our personal development deals with

    • Our spiritual life
    • Academic life
    • Emotional life
    • Social life
    • Personality

    Our spiritual life should be our utmost priority in life, Jesus should be our number one priority… Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto us (Matt 6:33).. we should seek God and prioritize God in our life because he own us.
    Let’s Put Jesus in front of our melody and make him all that matters to us…. Let Jesus be seen at the forefront of our life, at the epic center, even, at all phase of life
    Live a balance life, not an average life… You can be outstanding in all areas of life if only you make him all that matters to you, and be intentional about being outstanding, be intentional about being the best version of yourself.


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