Authenticity: staying true to yourself

Staying true to yourself

Sometimes ago, one of my favourite sis said something about staying true to yourself, though I didn’t really understand what she meant by staying true to oneself then

But this is a question we really need to ask ourselves. Are we really staying true to ourselves? Are we really living an authentic life?

Okay, let me make a scenario of a product.

Normally, there is always a fake and an original product. You go to the market to get probably an electrical appliance or something else, then, the vendor show you the original and the fake.. which will you go for?

Many times we’ve gotten fake things in the market and we can actually tell it’s difference from the original product by its longevity.

So, it’s applicable to us as humans, how do we stay true to ourselves and become the best version of who we are?

How do we know our personality and try to live our lives and not someone else life.

What is staying true to ourselves really means?

It is the realization of who you really are and living the life in you. Explicitly, it is living an original life just like an original product.

Your authenticity is measured by your genuineness. How genuine you are with your thought and actions.

Sometimes we live our life clouded with so many role models that we tend to forget who we are and sometimes we fail to acknowledge our peculiarities

In as much as, it’s not bad to have a role model, someone you look up to. We must also discover who we are and stay true to ourselves.

Staying true to yourself is following your Intuition and inner voice in the midst of the louder voice of the people

July Garland stated, “always be the first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else.

Let your voice speak who you are, define who you are and don’t let anyone’s voice define who you are.

Tips on how to stay true to yourself

Know who you are: the first way to stay true to yourself is to know who you are, you can’t stay to yourself when you’ve not identified who you are.

Love who you are: love and appreciate who you are, no one will appreciate you if you’ve not done so to yourself.

Know who you are in Christ: we have it all in Christ, our personality has been renewed in Christ. Irrespective of your weakness, you are who God says you are.

Stop putting yourself in other people’s shoe and stop wishing to be someone else: You are who you are

Listen to your inner voice always, your inner voice is the most influential. It’s a silent voice but it’s very influential.

Lastly, admit your flaws and don’t feel bad about them: it’s no more a news that humans are not perfect in themselves, accept your flaws and love who you are.

Be your original self

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