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An open letter to all young ladies

Good day ladies… This is an open letter to us to know our worth and to all men as well to appreciate your woman.

It’s so amazing and sweet that we are cherished by God and he called us woman which means “womb man” but it’s so disheartening because we’ve lost our identity, and have misplaced our priority as ladies.

Have you ever ask yourself questions like, “why am I born as a female?”. This might seem rhetorical but a very good and purposeful question. As rhetorical as it may seem, it can lead you to a life changing solution, and bring you out to see your purpose as a lady, bring you out of your cave of inferiority to a life filled with confidence and a sense of belonging.

I want us to know that being a female is God’s plan for your life

Ladies!!! We are beautifully and wonderfully made and I think it’s high time we change our orientation about who we are, we are not second class citizen because God has given us the spirit of belonging to the world and not only to belong but to dominate and have confidence in ourselves.

Who are you as a lady

Your facial appearance, physique is not all that differentiate you from a man, the real thing that differentiate you from the male figure is the unique gift imbedded in us

I define a woman as a :

A good thing. He who finds a woman find a good thing and obtains favour from God

A multiplier: a woman multiplies the image of God

A completer: A woman completes, it is not good for the man to be alone, so God made him a woman to complete his life. A woman is a symbol of completion in an incomplete world

A crown: a woman is a symbol of royalty
But ladies, why do we keep killing the gift of multiplication in us? Why do we keep aborting God’s image?

Your value

We are God’s Very important personality, we are the apple of God’s eye, we are uniquely made with values, we are here on a mission but it seems we have lost the authority we have due to our being far away from God, we lose our pride and dignity on a platter of gold and we forget that we are priceless

2 Cor 6:16b says “your body is the temple the living God”.. our body should not be defiled, we must keep our body…

You might ask yourself, if it worth keeping your virginity. Dear sis, it really worth it. If you have not lose your virginity, keep it and if you have, never sit down in the pool of regrets but move on and promise yourself it won’t happen again

If you find yourself breaching your commitment over and over again… Pray to God and he will turn your weakness to strength.. we can’t do it alone, only his grace is sufficient

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Our potentials

I want us to know that we have potentials in us, we are not a mistake (let’s stop acting as one!) We are created to doninate the world, the Shekinah glory of God is upon us because we are God’s important creation… we have potential in us, let’s discover it and change the world, let’s break forth from our hidden place and outshine the world.

Never allow any body make you feel worthless, don’t allow man make you feel less important, coz:

You are too relevant to be rubbish,
you are too important to be ignored.

Your worth (practical)

I do this sometimes, it has helped me in some ways and I believe it will help you too

Go to the mirror, look at your reflection, admire what you see in that mirror, smile to the mirror (intentionally). Plz be deliberate about it…..

Then, speak to your reflection:

“You are beautiful, I love you, God’s grace is upon you, God’s glory is upon you, you are a child of God, you are uniquely made with potentials, you shall be great in life, you shall be favoured, you are a virtuous lady, I love you.”

This is something related to words of affirmation.. the words you speak to yourself have a significant influence than any voice.. your voice is the most important and influential voice so do this often to remind yourself of your worth.

To wrap this up, I will like us to appreciate ourselves, it really worth it, we are special and unique, this is not just mere words but the real fact… It’s high time we appreciate our real self and stop appreciating facade built on lies .

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