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Good day Nigerians.. I hope we are having a nice time even during this lockdown,

Dear readers, I am writing this letter to you all concerning this period, it’s no more a gainsaying that life is not a bed of roses and we are coming to the end of time, it’s no more a gainsaying that all we can ever ask for is God’s mercy

It’s no more a gainsaying that all we need is to cry out to God. It’s no more a gainsaying that we need to look up to the heavens, we need to set our gaze on high where our help comes from (ps 121)

The lines of a song says that:

life can make you cry,
And hurt you deep inside,
I promised you I know the pains you feel,
If you know someone who would not judge when you fall,
No matter what you do,
My Lord would answer when you call,
After you head been turning to,
And you just don’t know what to do,
After the rain has come and gone,
And the sun still will shine,
After your friends have walked away, And you run short of what to say,
After you’ve tried everything now,

God is ever there for us,he has been there before lockdown, he is still there during lockdown and will forever be there after lockdown.

Let’s hope in God, it’s time to hope, it’s time to put our trust in him, it’s time to love him, it’s time to trust him more..

Like the lines of the song, life can hurts us deep inside but the Lord will answer us when we call..

Let’s watch as well… Let’s be careful about our actions and our words

Let’s call upon him for mercy, let’s look unto him, the author and the finisher of our faith. It’s time to intercede for those in authority as well, so that we can lead a quiet and peaceful life in all goodness and honesty(1 Tim 2: 2)

So, I want us to know that presently, the cloud is still dark. very soon, it will rain,the cloud will become clear and bright and then, the rainbow will appear, giving its radiant colour and make us forget everything we’ve gone through in the past.

Then, we shall have the full cause to glorify God because he kept us and spare us during the period(Amen)

Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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