An extract from Terry & Jerry, a book by Oloyede F. Mary

By Oloyede F. Mary

………”You may now kiss the bride,” the officiating pastor said as he pronounced them husband and wife.

Jerry was overwhelmed by the phrase. It was the same phrase the pastor said in his dream six months ago before he woke up to the reality of still being a bachelor.

But, right here is the bride, standing in front of him, looking straight into his eyes with love. Not the lustful type of love as the first time he sets his eyes on her but a genuine one. He could read the genuineness of her heart and then, the pastor’s words came again, “you may now kiss the bride” jolting him back to the moment.

‘Sure, I will kiss my bride, he muttered to himself,’ as he kissed her with a smile…..

#waiting on God
By Oloyede F. Mary

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